Yaskwaw Motoman Robotics Canada

Introduction to Spot Welding

robotic spot welding with NX100 or DX100

Course Details

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This course runs 2.5 days


$1100 CAN

Who Should Attend

The INTRODUCTION TO SPOT WELDING course is designed specifically for customers who have little or no previous experience in SPOT WELDING.

Course Overview

The course is designed to combine the benefits of both classroom training and hands-on training in robotic spot welding. During this 2.5 day course, students will review spot welding theory. They will then become proficient in working with a motor gun, creating and editing spot welding jobs and the use of spot welding commands . Course prerequisite is basic programming knowledge. Students must know how to create and edit their own programs before taking this course, as well as being familiar with the programming pendant.

Course Materials

Students attending this course receive the INTRODUCTION TO SPOT WELDING manual as well as additional handouts that relate to specific topics covered in the class.


Primary topics include: - review of manual spot welding theory - basic operation of robot, creation and editing of robot jobs - using spot welding instructions - introduction to features such as steppers, pressure files, tip dress and tip wear compensation


This is a 2.5 day course and it is specific to the NX100 and DX100 robot series.