Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Solutions for Primary and Secondary Packaging

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With nearly 300,000 robots installed worldwide and the broadest range robots on the market, Yaskawa Motoman is the global leader in robotic automation. From primary packaging robots to palletizing our robots handle a wide variety of food, beverage and consumer products.

Ever-changing products and packaging configurations require companies to manage endless variation in their manufacturing process.  Our fast and flexible robots designed specifically around packaging requirements and are accompanied by application enabling software and vision capabilities designed with ease of use in mind help companies meet the demands of today’s food and consumer products marketplace.

Also checkout our Palletizing solutions and PLC Controlled robot platform MLX.

Picking, packing and palletizing robots

Yaskawa Motoman offers robots, controls and peripherals to meet all of your packaging and palletizing needs. With our comprehensive line of material handling robots, modular grippers and robust software, we provide reliable, low-risk building block solutions that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.


Motoman picking robots

Yaskawa Motoman has an array of fast, flexible and compact pick-and-place robots with payloads starting at 2 kg that provide superior performance and reliability in a wide variety of handling applications. These reliable, high-performance robots can be mounted virtually anywhere to provide layout flexibility. Ready for food applications with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-H1) certified grease, some models feature IP67 wrists and are rated for wash-down cleaning, even with certain caustic cleaners.




Motoman packaging robot

Our fast and powerful MPK50 robot offers superior performance and reliability in a wide variety of packaging applications. The streamlined MPK50 features a 50 kg payload and a wide 360-degree work envelope. HP-series robots are also ideal for packing, and dual-arm SDA-series robots offer superior performance for your picking and packing needs.



Motoman palletizing robot

Our extensive line of palletizing robots has the highest wrist ratings, including the MPL-series available with 80-, 160-, 300-, 500- and 800-kg payloads. HP-series robots can also be used for palletizing, and provide additional flexibility for secondary applications or case orientation changes between picking and placing operations. Menu-driven EasyPallet™ software makes creating full-featured robotic palletizing jobs quick and easy.

Motoman offers pre-engineered “World” solutions that include robots, process equipment and safeguarding. Modular PackWorld® and PalletWorld® solutions provide tremendous flexibility, while reducing cost, delivery and risk.