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Palletizing_web.jpgYaskawa Motoman offers a broad-range of robots specifically designed for layer-forming, palletizing/depalletizing applications. Our software suite includes MotoSight™ for vision-guided applications and PalletSolver® for homogeneous case or bag palletization are designed for ease of use and ease of integration of turn-key robotic systems.

NSF-H1 certified food grade lubricants are standard on most of our palleting robots making them applicable in a wide variety of industries and environments including food and beverage, warehouse and distribution, and industrial products.

Our network of system integrators, Motoman Strategic Partners, offers application expertise to deliver turn-key robotic palletizing, order picking, or warehouse distribution systems to meet your market demands.

Our products include:

  • 4-, 5-, or 6-axis palletizer robots with payload capacities from 50 kg to 800 kg
  • MotoSight 2D and 3D robot vision systems to enable palletizing and depalletizing in structured or unstructured environments
  • PalletSolver software, a pattern generation tool; facilitates quick changeover of patterns or products without halting production for validation
  • MotoSim®, a comprehensive software package that provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells, reach modeling, cycle calculations and off-line programming of complex systems

Whether your application is end-of-line palletizing, container unloading, warehouse inbound depalletizing, or outbound mix-palletization, Yaskawa offers robots with payload capacity ranging from 50 kg - 800 kg and 4 or 6 degrees of freedom. With this wide range of payload capacity, it’s your choice to pick single-case or an entire layer for stacking and breaking down pallet loads.

Yaskawa robots are accompanied by a host of innovative palletization technologies designed for flexibility, ease of use and enhanced productivity.

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PalletSolver is easy to use full featured software enabling offline pattern build/import with constraints handling and interface for monitoring and controlling the entire palletization process with supervisory controls. This software is available for both DX and MLX platforms.

  • 2D and 3D vision guidance for inspecting product, identifying shapes to define picking strategy.
  • Line tracking enables handling product while it is still moving on the conveyor to optimize your productivity.
  • Simulation solutions that validate concepts and cycle-times, to avoid any unpleasant surprises from automation.

Multiple robot controls platforms to best fit your palletization need


DX-Series Controllers

Robust PC architecture provides system level controls for robotic work-cells. DX controllers are powered with patented multiple robot control that can control up to 8 robots or 72 axes. The full featured touch-screen color HMI is standard with the robot teach pendant.

DX controllers are accompanied by Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that enables building tight workspaces and collaborative human-machine interactions with ease.



MLX200 offers a unique approach to program and control robots entirely through Rockwell Automation’s CompactLogix™ and ControlLogix® Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). The PLC system now controls the robot along with other peripheral equipment such as conveyors, fillers and sensors. There is no need for additional robot controller or even the robot language to program. Everything is done through widely used PLC ladder. This approach offers tremendous benefits as the systems are very easy to use and, importantly, easy to maintain.