Let’s Get This Party Started

NRW_studentsThe fifth annual National Robotics Week (NRW) is almost here! Scheduled for April 5-14, NRW is a ten day celebration of all things robotic, whether it is a rover on Mars, the latest LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, a da Vinci® surgical system or a Motoman® MA1440 arc welding robot.

Yaskawa Motoman was one of the earliest supporters of NRW, hosting tour groups and holding “Meet the Engineers” events at our headquarters since 2010. This year, in addition to opening our doors to students in Ohio, we will be hosting events at our regional facilities in Rochester Hills, MI and Irvine, CA. *Attendance is limited, so contact us early if you wish to schedule a group tour. Continue reading

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2014: A Year for Change

ChangeI’ve decided that 2014 is my year to change. Years ago, I met a guy that told me he was “an agent of change” and looking back on that now, I’d like new business cards with that as a job title. Or, maybe I just want something, anything that is tangible, to help me believe that I’m really committed to change in 2014. Continue reading

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Global Influences on Power Source Technology

Dual_ArcWelding_RobotsI’ve heard from several users that are curious about the global arc welding market. Globalization of manufacturing is here to stay, but does it affect robotic arc welding which is all about Amps, volts and travel speed?

There are regional differences between continents that affect the development of welding power source technology: Continue reading

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The Importance of Proper Tool Data

The current versions of software available in the DX100 controller have an important reminder about the need for correct Tool Data. When no Tool Data has been entered into the controller, this message will scroll near the bottom of the Teach Pendant screen:

Input correct tool information. Using robot with wrong tool information may result in premature failure of the robot.

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Robots: A Glimpse Into the Future (Part 2 of 2)

Mobile_RobotWe at Yaskawa are spending much of our development efforts in making robots more mobile. Today, the robots are parked in place, and the work moves to the robot. This is not the way labor works. In efficient, productive factories, labor moves to where the work is. Robots need to do the same.

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Why blog? The top 5 reasons for launching Yaskawa Motoman’s new blog.

  1. As a global leader in robotics and automation, we’ve received feedback from customers and partners that are interested in the latest trends in robotics, automation, unified controls technology, new applications and more. We feel a blog is a great way to share this information with you.
  2. Several Yaskawa Motoman team members are actively engaged in robotics associations and present their perspectives throughout the year at tradeshows and conferences. A blog is an additional outlet for our team members to have a voice and share their thoughts with you.
  3. We understand you may have certain challenges or concerns about robotics, automation or technology. Our experts love to share their experience and expertise, and hopefully, their insight will provide value to you.
  4. We all have preferences in how we consume content, learn and connect with brands or products. Some people prefer Facebook, Twitter or a traditional website. A Yaskawa Motoman blog has been requested by customers several times, and now we’re ready.
  5. We value our relationship and want to ensure you get the information you want, at the right time and with minimal effort. Welcome to Yaskawa Motoman’s new communication channel…Y-blog.

By Jason Farmer, Marketing Director

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Robots: A Glimpse Into the Future (Part 1 of 2)

Collaborative_DemoAs we consider the future of industrial robotics, it’s helpful to remember how our technology has become successful over the past thirty years. The success of industrial robots has been marked by their ability to ease the burden of labor. Wherever robots can perform tasks at the same level of quality as their human counterparts, those applications quickly become automated. This allows the factory to focus human labor on tasks requiring more skill, dexterity or intelligence than robots offer. It’s this fluidity of human labor that leads to greater productivity and improved business outcomes.

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