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Dual-station cell

Right-Sizing Your Robotic Welding Cell

Each year, I visit hundreds of plants to work with engineers, and they all have one common goal: to increase their throughput. I’ve found that this need is driven by the right reasons, such as dealing with a labor shortage...


Before Automating, Assess Your OEE

When a manufacturing organization seeks robotics automation, the first question a robot OEM or robotics system integrator should ask is “why”? In other words, before suggesting a solution, it’s important to understand the problem. And the clearest measure of a...

Information must be entered into the fields outlined in red.

The Importance of Proper Tool Data

The current versions of software available in the DX100 controller have an important reminder about the need for correct Tool Data. When no Tool Data has been entered into the controller, this message will scroll near the bottom of the...