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Motoman Robots Press Tending

Three invert-mounted SK45 robots work in close proximity to load and unload panels into an 800-ton press.Sheet Metal Panels

Run-off cycle time of 10.6 seconds met customer's requirements.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman designed and supplied the custom end-of-arm tooling. All three SK45 robots use a very similar adjustable gripper design. The four vacuum cup sets on the identical Robot 1 and Robot 2 grippers are mounted at an angle. The gripper on Robot 3 is slightly longer, and the sets of vacuum cups are mounted level and slightly wider apart. Each pneumatic vacuum gripper holds two parts, and includes two part-present sensors to ensure both sides of each part are held securely by the vacuum cups. Motoman also designed and supplied the custom gantry structure used to invert-mount the SK45 robots. Invert mounting the robots from the gantry structure instead of from the side of the press minimizes vibration and facilitates access to the dies for frequent changeover.

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