Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and robotics automation systems

Motoman Robot Handling

Motoman UP130 robot uses custom vacuum gripper to handle up to 50 glass tubes at a time between three rack stations and a conveyor.Glass Tubes for Lighting

Achieved 14-second cycle time – 33% faster than 21-second requirement. Flexible handling system meets all project objectives.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Gripper array uses 4 cups per tube and 50 rows of cups to pick up glass tubes, which may not be centered due to 1.27-mm (0.05") part variance. The vacuum gripper is equipped with sensors to indicate part presence, rack stack height, and gripper readiness. Customer-designed part racks have ridges on the bottom to help space the first row of parts evenly.

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