Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and robotics automation systems

Motoman Robots Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting, and Handling

Motoman robots weld flanges, brackets, and couplers onto 19’, 24’ and 38’ L carbon steel irrigation pipes, and also perform plasma cutting of holes and material handling between two stations.Agricultural Irrigation Pipe

Achieved cycle time goal of 124 seconds. System virtually eliminates weld spatter on pipe, and meets or exceeds quality requirements. Robotic system reduces direct labor requirement per shift by 50%, while improving throughput by 66.6% per hour (25 pipes vs. 15). Controllers have capability to be split into single robot controllers in the future if robots are redeployed.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom 10-robot multiprocess system, including:

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided custom end-of-arm tooling (robot grippers). Pneumatic grippers for UP350-200 robots include a parallel gripper for pipe handling, and a 3-jaw chuck that grabs flanges and also picks up the welding torch for flange-to-pipe welding. Pneumatic 2-jaw parallel grippers for UP20 robots grasp couplers and brackets and pick up the plasma torch, without changeover. MOTOPOS headstock positioners include spring-loaded pins to locate flanges and pneumatic paddles to clamp flanges during welding. Tapered knives center pipe during pipe/flange assembly. Cylinders eject pipe when done. Changeout between pipe diameters is minimal. Changeout components are color-coded in most instances.

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