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Motoman Robots Arc Welding

Motoman HP50-20 extended-reach robot on a 5-m servo track uses tandem-arc GMAW process to make heavy-deposition welds on large motor grader frame assemblies fixtured on two different heavy-duty positioners. (MT1-3000 S2X positioner shown.)Motorized Graders (Construction Equipment)

Robot system meets or exceeds all project goals. Allows customer to build on two shifts what would have taken three shifts, eliminating a production bottleneck. System requires two operators versus 10-11 skilled welders. Flexible system accommodates various models/batch runs with easy changeover; operator simply selects new program using robot teach pendant. Tandem arc welding is at least 2.5 times faster and can eliminate need for multiple passes on long, Heavy-Deposition welds, saving cycle time.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom HP50-20 welding system, including:

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Customer provided manual fixtures for this project. Operators manually bolt frame parts onto the two positioners. Robot welds grader front and rear assemblies on VMH-3000 3SX positioner; mid-sections on MT1-3000 S2X positioner.


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