Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and robotics automation systems

Yaskawa Motoman Case Study

Three Motoman HP20 robots equipped with tandem-arc GMAW torches perform heavy-deposition welding on construction crane outrigger beams fixtured on two MHT-3000 headstock/tailstock positioners using hydraulically clamped adjustable-length tooling.Crane Outriggers (Construction Equipment), Arc Welding



Yaskawa Motoman provided a flexible triple welding system, including:


Yaskawa Motoman provided hydraulic clamping fixtures for the two headstock/tailstock positioners. A large spanner between the HS/TS faceplates is adjustable to accommodate various beam lengths. Two alignment clamps and two swing arms per fixture hold each part for welding. Fixtures include part-present and clamp open/closed sensors.

Project Results

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