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Don't Miss Us at Clinical Lab Expo in Los Angeles!

At Clinical Lab Expo, see the AutoSorter III integrated pre-/post-analytic processing system for hospital labs and medium-volume commercial laboratories, our newest puck-based specimen transportation conveyer system and the Aloka APU-750 in-line aliquoter. This configuration addresses common requirements for moderate-volume hospital labs, with extensive capability for expansion to meet future requirements.

Visit us at booth #4852, July 17-19, 2012.

Product News

HP20D-A80 Robot

The new 6-axis HP20D-A80 robot features high-precision drives on major axes and is designed for high-accuracy cutting and dispensing applications. Formcut software automatically generates the ideal path to cut out shapes based on user-specified geometry. Circle, rectangle, ellipse, pentagon and hexagon shapes are supported with easy definition of shape size and rotation from a single programmed point.

MS80W Robot

The new MS80W robot is a powerful, flexible model designed for a variety of processes. It features fast axial speeds and acceleration which reduces cycle times and increases production output. The MS80W excels in dispensing, machine tending, material cutting, material handling and press tending applications.

EPH130D and EPH130RLD Robots

The high-speed EPH130D and EPH130RLD "expert press handling" robots are specifically designed for the rigors of press handling. Both feature a high vibration rating that makes it ideal for the press room. The EPH130D is used for floor-mount applications. When a shelf-mounted robot is needed, the EPH130RLD allows improved clearance for die changes. Both models are compatible with the DX100 controller.

Corporate News

Motoman Brazil Moves to New Location

Motoman Robotica do Brasil and Yaskawa Electrico do Brasil Ltd, divisions of Yaskawa America, Inc. jointly announce their expansion plans in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil. The two divisions have outgrown their current separate facilities and will co-locate to a newly constructed, larger manufacturing campus in Diadema. Both divisions will be fully operational by mid-July. Approximately 150 employees will be located on the new campus. Read more...

Featured Case Study

MDF Mold Patterns Fashioned Via Robotic Milling

For the last 4-5 years, pattern-making operations have been supplemented by this firm’s six-axis robot, a 130 kg payload Motoman® model outfitted with a 7.5-hp spindle. The spindle holder and cutting tools have transformed the robot into a substitute CNC machining center, making this an extremely unique application. Read more…

Additional Info

Vote for us in Packaging World's Leadership in Packaging Program!

Yaskawa Motoman is participating in Packaging World's Leadership in Packaging Program. The company receiving the most votes by September 30, 2012 will be co-named on the 2013 "Future Leaders in Packaging" scholarship. The $2,500 scholarship will be donated to a school or university with a packaging program. The Promotional Leader will select a school from this list to receive the scholarship. Vote now!

Partner Spotlight

This month’s partner spotlight features Motoman Strategic Partner, Tec Weld Automation, Inc.

Tec Weld Automation, Inc. is proud to offer the finest in robotics. If your application involves welding, cutting, material removal or material handling, Tec Weld can provide you with a complete system and the necessary training to streamline your manufacturing process.

Tec Weld Automation, Inc. was founded in 1996 to provide regional manufacturers with custom-designed robotic systems that assist in reducing labor and production costs while increasing productivity and profitability. In just six years, Tec Weld has achieved an exceptional reputation in the fields of robotic system manufacturing, programming, training, and customer support.

Simple teaching methods quickly result in operator acceptance. This combination assures greatly increased welding or cutting production with significantly decreased costs. Tec Weld is committed to providing our customers the most professional equipment and personal service, from analysis of need, selection of equipment, floor layout, installation, training, and service, resulting in cost effective production. Our fifty plus years of experience is as close as your phone.