February 6, 2014
Yaskawa Motoman is participating in TechFest™ (February 15-16, 2014) in Dayton, OH. TechFest is a free family event covering a wide range of topics and interests in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. TechFest includes 80 hands-on demonstrations and games, as well as a variety of "infotainment" STEM presentations.
Product News

DX200 Controller

The new DX200 robot controller builds on the robust process capabilities of the current DX100 controller, including: patented multiple robot control technology with coordinated motion between devices (up to eight robots/72 axes), award-winning ergonomic teach pendant, built-in PLC cell control capability, and optimized path and process control capability. The energy-saving DX200 features faster processing speeds, enhanced control-reliable safety and improved maintainability.

MH12 Robot
The new MH12 six-axis robot provides superior performance in assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications. It features a new curved upper arm that enhances its reach and allows a wider range of applications. This model has a large work envelope that extends behind the robot, permitting space for robot tool storage or maintenance. The MH12 robot features an increased 12 kg payload, and higher moment and inertia ratings over previous "payload class" models, enabling it to carry larger and heavier payloads.

MPP3S Robot
The new MPP3S delta-style, low-profile "short" robot is specifically designed for high-speed applications including packaging, cartoning and kitting. It features a 3 kg payload and an 800 mm diameter horizontal reach with a z-stroke of up to 300 mm. The MPP3S complements the MPP3, a larger delta-style robot, by offering the same high application performance in 20% less installation space. Both of these models are compatible with the FS100 controller.
Corporate News
Yaskawa Motoman Blog
As we continue to improve our website and social channels, one of the steps we have taken is to launch a new corporate blog. We are excited to share information about the automation industry and explore the future of robotics. Please visit our blog and check back often for updates. Over time, we will be adding new features and capabilities.
Partner Spotlight
Many new companies have recently become Motoman Strategic Partners (MSP). Please join us in welcoming them.
  • AFFCO Machine Sales, Westfield, IN
  • Automation Engineering, LLC, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Bryan Tool and Machining, Broadway, VA
  • KEC Corporation, Piqua, OH
  • Miami Controls, West Milton, OH
  • Precision Design and Machine, Nashville, TN
  • PROIII, Mexico
  • ROLS Industries, Menomonee Falls, WI
  • S&R Robotics, Plano, TX
  • Tarpon Automation & Design Company, Warren, MI
  • WEMA Voghtland America, LLC, Belvidere, IL
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