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Yaskawa Motoman Strategic Partners

HGS Aerospace, Inc.
34480 Commerce Road
Fraser, MI 48026


Phone: 586-293-8660
Fax: 586-293-7450
Email: mresto@hfs-inc.com
Website: hgsauto.com

Company Information

HGS Automation: Producing flexible tooling and engineered products for the OEM and supplier community since 1974. Utilizing best practices from automation and aerospace production, HGS engineers from sister companies HGS Automation and HGS Aerospace have developed patented flexible tooling technologies that can lower costs for manufacturing and assembly of detail, subassembly and final assembly of passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and specialty vehicles. HGS Automation offers OEM and Tier suppliers a variety of universal holding fixtures (UHF) to automate the manufacturing process of both high-volume and low-volume production, significantly lowering costs.


Other Specialities: Laser Trimming; Edge Finishing; Orbital Drilling
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