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Taylor-Winfield Corporation
Thomas Road P.O. Box 500
Brookfield, OH 44403


Phone: 800-366-8861
Fax: 330-448-3538
Email: fdeley@taylor-winfield.com
Website: www.taylor-winfield.com

Company Information

The Taylor-Winfield Corporation specializes in automating material joining processes. We incorporate MIG, TIG, plasma arc, induction brazing and heat treating, laser and resistance welding into part assembly and manufacturing processes. Automating material joining processes reduce labor and rework costs while improving part consistency and quality.

We are a full service original equipment manufacturer of automated assembly systems, induction heating generators and resistance welders. We solve material joining problems for large and small companies throughout North America.

Founded in 1882, The Taylor-Winfield Corporation has the experience and knowledge to automate manufacturing processes. All systems are assembled and fully tested in our 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Youngstown, Ohio.


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