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How wet blasting, also known as slurry blasting, wet etching, liquid abrasive blasting, and wet honing works:
You’ve mixed water with abrasive before. Think of pumice hand soap. The action is scrubbing. It works better than washing with just soap. Think parts washers.

Wet Technologies mixes abrasives and non abrasive medias such as glass and ceramic beads, and even plastics, with water. This is done with our own special, high volume, low maintenance pump in a closed loop stainless steel cabinet. The slurry is then discharged at a controlled and regulated velocity by nozzle(s) or other means at the part surface.

Unlike dry blasting or sand blasting, Wet Technologies wet blasting uses high volume water in the slurry to cushion the media. This mostly eliminates media imbedded into the surface.

Here are some examples of what the wet blasting can do when using: