Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and robotics automation systems

Welding Positioners and Part Positioning Solutions

Motoman has extensive worldwide experience integrating servo-controlled welding positioners and tracks into a broad range of robotic solutions. For more than 20 years, Motoman positioners and transporters have provided unmatched speed, accuracy, robustness and reliability. They use the same field-proven motor controls as Motoman robots and are manufactured to the same exacting standards. Motoman also leads in control technology with multi-tasking software that allows coordination between multiple robots, base axes and multi-axis positioners.

Positioner Design

Motoman offers the widest selection of welding positioners designed to meet a broad range of industrial positioning needsMotoman offers the widest selection of positioners, designed to meet a broad range of industrial positioning needs. Determining which welding positioner is best for a particular application requires more than just sizing a motor to a gearbox. Other factors include:

Motoman has developed MotoSize software that factors in more than 30 variables relating to performance requirements. MotoSize is used to determine the best positioner for a specific application.


Motoman's approach to part positioning designEngineering started by creating modules for Motoman Headstock (MH) drives. These compact housings have multiple mounting points so they can be used as headstocks, tables or at angles in between. Features like weld grounds and safety-rated position switches are integrated into the housings. Motoman has extended this product line every year with new drive modules and positioner configurations that use these modules.



Motoman has the most extensive line of welding positioners of any robotics companyMotoman has the most extensive line of positioner products of any robotics company, with welding positioners for a wide range of markets, including:

Motoman easily adapts to unique requirements by combining modules into custom-tailored solutions or using standard products from our parent company, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and our European partners.

Robust, Field-Proven, Life Tested

Every Motoman welding positioner is developed following ISO 9001 proceduresEvery Motoman positioner product is developed following ISO 9001 procedures, so products adhere to a strict international standard of quality. Released products are dedicated to a unique Life Test area, where continuous life cycle testing of half a million dollars worth of equipment is performed 24/7/365. This ongoing effort represents more than 80 years of testing time, and is designed to identify potential problems before they occur in the field.

Even details like weld grounds were engineered and life-tested for reliability, especially for the demands of multiple robots. Many Motoman welding positioners sold more than 20 years ago are still in production and some have even been redeployed with new robots.

Spin-off Technology

MotoMount is a part positioning system used to mount fixturing between headstocks and tailstocksAs a spin-off to our positioner technology, Motoman developed MotoMount™ – a patent-pending system used to mount fixturing between headstocks and tailstocks.

This innovative design reduces the stresses in the bearings from moment loading; reduces cost by eliminating the need for machined bases, spanners and precision tailstocks; improves tooling repeatability; and facilitates easy and quick fixture changeover.

Motoman also has patents pending on unique light-tight enclosures for laser processing.

Customer Support

Motoman positioners offer high payloads, high turning torque and precice repeatibilityCompetitors often reference only a payload capacity for their positioners. Motoman’s experience has proven that other considerations are also critical; therefore, all Motoman welding positioners have published specifications for payload, turning torque and repeatability.

Motoman offers free MotoSize software to help integrators or end-users select a positioner by entering specific application requirements. The software outputs a graphical report that indicates exactly where the application falls in the performance range.

Motoman recognizes that system uptime is dependent upon the positioner as well as the robot. Motoman uses the same motors to drive the robots and positioners, so spares are always available. Additionally, Motoman tries to use reducers common to the robots; otherwise, long lead-time items are kept in stock.

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