Return Authorization Instructions and Policies

Prior approval must be obtained before any item can be returned to Motoman. You can return parts in two ways:

Download, print, and then fax a Return Authorization form to us at 937-847-3211. -or- Phone us at 937-847-3200 and tell the Motoman Customer Service Representative that you need to return parts.

In either case, you'll need the following information. If you call us, please have the following information available before you call.

  • Company name
  • Company's complete address including city, state, and zip code
  • Name, phone and fax number, as well as your e-mail address.
  • Robot or system type. (Ex. SK6/MRC, AW1000, etc.)
  • Robot application.
  • Date when robot was installed.
  • Date when the part failed.
  • Motoman part number of part that is being returned.
  • Yaskawa or other vendor number of part being returned. If no part number can be located please call 937-847-3200 for assistance.
  • Serial number if it is available.
  • Details of failure must be listed.
  • Alarms and errors that have occurred along with other details or circumstances that might have bearing on the failure.
  • Reason for return if new items are being returned.
  • Type of return must be indicated. Definitions for each category are listed on the Return & Exchange Policy. Please read this policy and the following Procedures.
  • Robot Order number must be completed for ALL Warranty claims. The order number is located on the back of the robot's lower arm on a small nameplate; the number will always begin with "S".

Upon approval of your request, an R/A number will be faxed to you, or if you telephoned us, we can usually provide you with an R/A number over the phone. Please remember to write the R/A number on the outside of the box prior to shipping.


Return to Stock
Parts that are returned to stock will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 25% based upon cost to Motoman to inspect and refurbish. Special order (non-stocked) parts are subject to 100% restocking charge. Freight will not be credited. Parts must not be damaged and must be properly packaged. No credit will be issued for the return of Motoman/Yaskawa boards and servopacks unless package is sealed in anti-static bags. An R/A request form must be received by Motoman within 10 working days of the shipment from Motoman. No parts will be accepted after 30 days of shipment. If any of the above conditions are not met, the part will be returned to you, freight collect and full original invoice price must be paid.

Repair and Return
Motoman offers the option of returning certain parts for Repair and Return. Motoman will provide a repair estimate before repair is started. Estimate will include customer net cost and expected lead-time. A purchase order MUST be issued to cover repair charge before work will begin. Items that are left with Motoman 30 days after estimate is given will be returned unrepaired at customer's expense, unless purchase order is received. Item returned for repair must have proper ESD packaging.

Exchange Credit
Certain parts may be returned for an exchange credit of up to 20%. Exchange Credit percentages are determined by the expense of repair, repairability, and the status of stock. A replacement part must be ordered. A PO must be given. The invoice for the replacement part will reflect the full price of the part. Motoman reserves the right to decline issuing credit if the previous conditions are not met. Parts received without a number will be returned and no credit will be issued. Items that are returned for credit must have proper ESD packaging. Motoman must receive an R/A request form within 10 working days of the shipment from Motoman. No parts will be accepted for Exchange credit after 30 days of shipment.

Warranty Credit
Parts must still be within warranty period. Warranty may include the 1-year spare part warranty or the specified warranty that was purchased with the system. A purchase order is required for all part shipments. Warranty replacement parts will be invoiced at full applicable price. Warranty credit will be issued according to warranty policy and receipt of the defective parts. The damaged part must be received by Motoman within 10 days of the part being shipped. The warranty credit will include freight and tax. (i.e. UPS, Fed EX) Credit will not be issued until a warranty evaluation is complete. The request must be fully completed before warranty evaluation will begin. Incomplete requests forms will be returned for completion. Items returned for credit must have proper ESD packaging.