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Yaskawa Motoman IMPACT Corporate Giving Program

IMPACT_Logo.jpgYaskawa Motoman established the IMPACT Corporate Giving Program to encourage and support giving, volunteering and community involvement through company-sponsored programs and initiatives. Based on its ability to impact people who need assistance, Yaskawa Motoman chose Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley as its first partner.

Over the last year, Yaskawa Motoman held a donation drive and a 5k event. Through IMPACT, proceeds from both events were donated directly to Goodwill Easter Seals, which will in turn:

  • Provide wages for someone in a transition job to build skills before securing permanent employment
  • Provide job coaching to help someone understand work requirements, maintain employment or learn new skills for advancement
  • Allow a person with age-related disabilities to attend an Adult Day Service
  • Provide car seats to families who would not be able to purchase one
  • Distribute special radios to people who have vision loss so that they can listen to local newspaper broadcasts and stay connected to their communities

Also through IMPACT, a group of individuals from within the company have volunteered for the Goodwill Easter Seals’ Radio Reading Program. Yaskawa Motoman created a recording room for this program in its Dayton, Ohio headquarters.

Yaskawa Motoman plans to continue supporting Goodwill Easter Seals and partner with other local community organizations through regular IMPACT fundraising events and sustained volunteering services.