Yaskwaw Motoman Robotics Canada

DX100 Basic Programming - Red River College

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Course Details

June 9, August 11

This course runs 4 days, Mon - Thurs or Tues - Fri 8:30am to 3:45pm


$1500 CAN

Who Should Attend

The DX100 Basic Programming Course is an introductory course to the DX100 Controller and programming of the Yaskawa Motoman DX100 series industrial robots. No prior knowledge of robot programming or of the DX100 Controller is required.

Course Overview

The training module consists of classroom lectures in which the instructor presents course material consisting of programming commands, reinforced with demonstrations. The commands and topics are related to real-world examples and applications. Students enhance the materials covered in the lectures with actual hands-on programming in the Red River College training classroom. Students work in teams to perform workshop exercises including actual programming to emphasize commands covered in class lectures. Classes are kept small in size, typically 10 or fewer students, in order to promote an interactive, hands-on learning atmosphere. This allows the students to work with each other in order to grasp the concepts of operating a robot.

Course Materials

Students receive a copy of the DX100 Basic Programming Training manual which details commands and programming techniques for the Yaskawa Motoman® DX100 Controller. Additional handouts are provided relating to specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions and to bring up specific programming issues.


The instructor covers topics which enable the students to manipulate the robot, create robot programs and modify existing programs. An overview of the primary topics covered in the course is provided below: - Robot Safety - Fault Recovery - System Power Up/Down - Programming Pendant - Coordinate Systems - Path Editing - Cut/Paste Functions - Arithmetic Variables - Position Levels - I/O & Control Instructions - User Frames - Job Functions - Speed Correction - Tool Centre Point (TCP)


Classes are held at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology, 2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3H 0J9 www.rrc.ca