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Automated Welding Applications

25 Years of innovative welding automation

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Arc welding is the core of our company. Over the years we have developed more application-specific robots than any other company. Our welding process knowledge and path control has led the industry for the last 25 years.

With our comprehensive line of arc welding robots, integrated power sources, torches and peripherals, and our extensive family of fully integrated ArcWorld welding cells, we provide reliable, low-risk building block solutions that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.

Yaskawa Motoman's team of Automation Engineers or a Motoman Strategic Partner (MSP) can incorporate turnkey systems to suit production requirements of varied industries.

Basic Robotic Welding Setup

welding robots from Yaskawa Motoman welding positioners from Yaskawa Motoman Motoman DX200 welding robot controller Motoman welding robot integrated with Lincoln Electric welding gun welding sensors for seam finding and tracking
Arc Welding Robot Welding Positioner Robot Controller Welding Peripherals Welding Sensors


Integrated with leading arc welding power sources

Don't give up the power to use your own source. While other robot brands limit your power supply options, Yaskawa Motoman provides high-level digital interfaces for the widest range of power source brands including Fronius, Miller, Lincoln Electric and SKS. With our digital interface, the power source weld parameters can be monitored and adjusted directly from our programming pendant.

control Miller Axcess power source through a Motoman teach pendant Motoman robot controllers integrate with Lincoln Electric power sources Motoman robot controllers integrate with Fronius power sources
Miller Lincoln Electric Fronius


Automated welding for your biggest challenges

Projects often require modifications to our standard product offering of robots, positioners, platforms and peripherals. Standard or modified positioners and robots can be combined in customized configurations to reduce costs and lead time.

Add flexibility with pre-engineered weld stations

We understand complex part welding, from exhaust systems and ATV systems to vehicle frames. We employ more welding professionals than any other robot company. We have the expertise to help you navigate a project on the front end through delivery and support your production needs over the years.

welding automation with ArcWorld IV-6200
ArcWorld IV-6200 with ferris wheel positioner
Motoman ArcWorld automated welding workcells
ArcWorld 4200 with high-speed, double-ended headstock/tailstock positioner and two robots
ArcWorld 50 robotic welding station with Kinetiq teaching
Easy-to-program robot welding station
with Kinetiq Teaching

Arc welding solutions that meet your specifications

When the out-of-the box solutions don't meet your exact needs, Yaskawa Motoman can easily and affordably modify our prefabricated robotic welding cells to fit your specifications.

custom-modified robotic welding station
ArcWorld 6200 modified to
customer safety specifications - Tour
customized part positioning for automated welding
Modular drop-center two-axis positioner - Tour
simple robotic welding automation that meets shop specification
ArcWorld II-500 modified to customer plant specs

Large scale, turnkey solutions engineered by the Motoman Automation Group

We offer a vast array of robotic welding systems for manufacturers of large weldments. Our extensive line of welding robots, robot transporters, part positioners and welding options are well suited for production of mining, rail, agriculture and construction equipment. We provide customized, low-risk configurations that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.

Dual jigless custom solution provides endless weld positions with no tooling
welding automation for large parts with a custom drop center positioner
Custom twin drop-center 3 axis heavy duty positioner solution
automted welding and part handling from Yaskawa Motoman robotics
Custom dual part positioners mounted on a servo track (with 2 load/unload stations)

Take your throughput to the next level; HyperProductivity™

Boost cycle time and save floorspace by adding multiple robots for multi-part or jigless welding in a single cell.

ferris wheel positioner is programmed along with the robot for full automated welding
Standard ArcWorld V-6400: Four Motoman welding robots with "ferris wheel" positioner

Four Motoman Welding Robots with a head/tailstock positioner and single teach pendant
jigless welding automation with eight Motoman robots
Custom jigless solution with two Motoman handling robots and 6 Motoman welding robots - Tour

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