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When the process requires loading or unloading machines, industrial robots can offer significant advantages. Productivity, reduced inventory, safety, flexibility and improved part quantity are commonly realized by customers. Traditionally, robotics has been viewed as only usable in high-volume, low-mix production, but new products offered today make the benefits of automation accessible to most manufacturers.


Machine_Tending.jpgMachine tending in the metalworking industry is commonplace. Whether the process is turning, milling, grinding, broaching or boring, a robot can precisely load and unload parts, removing the inconsistencies of a manual process. Robotic machine tending is not limited to metals; it offers benefits to manufacturers also working with polymers, ceramics and composites.

Yaskawa Motoman offers a wide range of 6- and 7-axis robots with payloads up to 600 kg. Many of these robots can be floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted to reduce the floor space required. Internally routed cables and hoses are a common feature that make integration and programming easier.

For applications that require a long work envelope, MotoRail™ can be used to extend the work envelope. Rails are available for floor, wall or ceiling mounting also. If a large, circular work envelope is needed, MotoSweep and MotoSweep O HD are available and can increase the reach of some robots up to 3,500 mm.

Yaskawa Motoman offers a range of vision products. Our MotoSight™ 2D package utilizes the Cognex In-Sight products which permits the operator to use the same camera on the robot and elsewhere in the plant. MotoSight is programmed using EasyBuilder® from Cognex, but it includes an application that displays the part image, pass/fail and other key vision data on the robot programming pendant. By partnering with Cognex, Yaskawa Motoman is able to focus our product development on making the most user-friendly interface to the In-Sight product line, while capitalizing on Cognex’s massive R&D efforts.

Machine Tool Operations


Robotics offer a low cost method to automate machine tool operations.  This system example includes a four drawer part stocker that can hold a number of parts that can provide extended periods of unattended operation. Part nests can be changed to handle a variety of parts using a single stocker.  A variety of peripherals including grippers, re-grip stands, machine interfaces and vision systems can be added to fit your needs.



Yaskawa Motoman offers a seven axis rail solution called MotoRail.  By using a standard six axis robot and a seventh axis for the rail, this product provides a wider range of motion than other six axis solutions.  This additional reach can reduce the required rail length in many applications.  Rail use allows the efficient use of the robot equipment in situations where machining times are longer and traditional floor mounted automation sometimes is not the best solution.  Creative safety solutions can be used to take single machines off line while allowing other machines serviced by the MotoRail to continue operation.

Custom Solutions


Yaskawa Motoman offers custom automation solutions to meet individual needs.  Our wide variety of integrator partners and internal engineering resources allows us to provide cost effective customized solutions regardless of the parts that you need to produce.  With specific experience in a wide variety of industries, it’s likely we have experience with parts close to yours.