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Ultrasonic Cutting

will ultrasonic work with your materials?
EcoTrim robotic system for ultrasonic trimming and routing

Versatile Trimming & Routing

Break the limitations of conventional cutting with a clean and agile alternative. Yaskawa Motoman's ultrasonic solution delivers cleaner cuts and infinite flexibility for trimming, routing, deflashing and more. Patented robotic tools add versatility and streamline changeovers for low-volume secondary operations.


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Customize your cuts

Buyers of custom-designed plastic, fiber and composite components are demanding shorter runs with a high level of customization. If your current tools aren't viable for handling low-volume orders, it's time to consider a solution that expands your capability to be agile and profitable without compromising quality.

Yaskawa Motoman has partnered with world-class cutting technology and industrial integration providers to offer a suite of robot-guided ultrasonic knives and routing tools, designed to work with a multitude of cuts and materials

Improved Cut Quality

Achieve more control with programmable trackball and self-sharpening tool options.

Simple Changeovers

One equipment buy gives you unlimited options that are easily ready for the next job.

Reduced Floorspace

Self-contained cells and hybrid tooling enable more productive work in less space.

Cleaner & Safer

Reduced waste in a safer, more simple operating environment.


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Target Materials

Resin plate
Glass fiber (GFRP)
Formed decorative film
Blow-molded parts
Injection-molded parts
Carbon fiber (CFRP)
Aluminum foil composites
Non-woven fabrics
Controlled-depth kiss cutting


Ultrasonic Knife, Router and Hybrid Tools

Combine the flexibility of robotics with specialized end-of-arm tooling options that optimize the speed, accuracy and quality of the job. Options include a programmable trackball for total precision, and hybrid trimmer/routers that deliver amazing throughput in a compact space.

Robotic Systems

EcoTrim_Overall-740296-edited.jpgEcoTrim Pre-Engineered Systems

EcoTrim solutions are designed for high-speed ultrasonic cutting, trimming, deburring and chamfering applications.  One-and two-robot cells available with options for ultrasonic knives and hybrid trimmer-routers..

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Custom Engineered Solutions

One key to your success with robotic automation is partnering closely with a team of specialists. Work with Yaskawa Motoman and our network of leading system integrators and technology partners who understand your business. Together, we can engineer a system that meets your specific needs.

Will Ultrasonic Make Your Cut?

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