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The Moreng Metal Advantage: Robotic Welding

Written by Jamie Moreng | Dec 14, 2015 10:27:00 AM

Article by Jamie Moreng; National Sales Manager at Moreng Metal Products Inc.
Moreng Metal Products Inc. is an industry leader for high-volume robotic welding in the Northeast.

Metal manufacturing has dramatically changed over the past few decades. In today's competitive market, metal manufacturing leaders are equipped with the latest and greatest automated machinery, ERP software and shop floor management tools to ensure client satisfaction. As a strong testament to the significance of this progress, manufacturers who avoid this evolution in technology run the risk of extinction in the near future.

With this growth in technology and automation, clients expect extremely short lead times, and exceptional quality and service. As a metal manufacturer, excelling in today's economy means producing the customers’ product how they want it and when they want it.

Moreng Metal Products Inc., understands the need for new automation to ensure client satisfaction. One of the ways we do this is through robotic welding, which improves delivery, quality, cost and safety for our clients. Moreng Metal is equipped with five Yaskawa robots that produce high-volume, high-precision welds. Using the turntables and features of our robots, we can produce multiple parts in one sequence.

We have experience running a wide variety of products on our robots including security cabinets, boiler bases, battery racks, panels, chassis, enclosures, lockers, elevator doors, charging stations, retail displays, telecommunications cable racks and much more.

Our management understands that automation needs to be backed by the right employee expertise. Shop personnel need to be skilled in programming the robots to hit every weld with precision, and it doesn't hurt to have employees with years of experience who can make fixtures to support the assembly during production runs.

How Robotic Welding Helps our Clients:

Delivery: It's a simple concept, but robots never tire or take breaks, which translates into shorter lead times for customers. A robot's extreme accuracy and repeatability also leads to quicker welds.

Quality: If the robot is programmed correctly, there is absolute certainty the welds will be high quality. Perfection is not attainable with an operator welding high-volume parts and will always result in some type of inconsistency. With robotic welding, you will greatly reduce the need for rework.

Cost: With our robots handling a heavy workload, our high-skilled workers can now focus on other important projects that may require specialized skill and expertise. This creates the most effective way to allocate our resources, which translates to savings for clients.

One of the largest costs in any welding department are consumables. Our robots know exactly when to stop welding and when to move on, without overusing these materials. This allows us to save money on fillers and welding wire.

Safety: Last but not least is safety. Moreng Metal Products Inc. promotes a safe work environment in each and every department. The safer we keep our workers, the more productive they will be. With our welders utilizing the robots more often, this creates a separation between worker and weld, resulting in avoiding welding fumes, sparks, flashes etc.