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Why blog? The top 5 reasons for launching Yaskawa Motoman's new blog.

Written by Jason Farmer | Jan 22, 2014 1:39:06 PM
  1. As a global leader in robotics and automation, we've received feedback from customers and partners that are interested in the latest trends in robotics, automation, unified controls technology, new applications and more. We feel a blog is a great way to share this information with you.
  2. Several Yaskawa Motoman team members are actively engaged in robotics associations and present their perspectives throughout the year at tradeshows and conferences. A blog is an additional outlet for our team members to have a voice and share their thoughts with you.
  3. We understand you may have certain challenges or concerns about robotics, automation or technology. Our experts love to share their experience and expertise, and hopefully, their insight will provide value to you.
  4. We all have preferences in how we consume content, learn and connect with brands or products. Some people prefer Facebook, Twitter or a traditional website. A Yaskawa Motoman blog has been requested by customers several times, and now we're ready.
  5. We value our relationship and want to ensure you get the information you want, at the right time and with minimal effort. Welcome to Yaskawa Motoman's new communication channel...Y-blog.

By Jason Farmer, Marketing Director