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WeldCast: Aluminum Welding from A to Z

Posted by Zane Michael on Aug 31, 2017 8:26:41 AM

Fronius-aluminum.jpgAs manufacturers transition to aluminum parts to meet customer demand, many of the old welding tricks that work with steel go straight out the window. Being successful with aluminum means using new techniques that maintain quality and control material costs.

So I teamed up with one of our top thermal experts, Chris Anderson, to share with you a podcast that's all about aluminum welding. You can listen now via SoundCloud:

The WeldCast started as a presentation that Chris and I made at the AWS National Robotic Arc Welding Conference in June 2017.  You can download the presentation, "Truckin' with Aluminum," and follow along with the WeldCast episode.


Presentation Sections:

  • Aluminum Welding vs. Steel (Audio Preview)
  • Aluminum Welding Process Features
  • Push Feeding vs. Push-Pull Method
  • Equipment Considerations for Different Types of Parts


Zane Michael is Director, Thermal Business Development at Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motoman Robotics Division

Zane Michael

Topics: Arc Welding, Automotive, Manufacturing

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