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Motoman Robots Welding

Automotive Components

Motoman Robotics' solution improved the customer's required 34-second cycle time by more than two seconds

Project Challenges

  • Aggressive cycle time of less than 34 seconds per part, with 18 to 24 welds per part on three styles.
  • Three robots working simultaneously on the same welding fixture.
  • Tight floor space requirements.

Motoman Robotics Solution

  • Three SK6 robots in two cells
  • Dual SK6 robots in one cell
  • One high-speed, AC servo-driven reciprocating positioner per cell (three total), each with:
    • 698-kg (1,540-lb.) capacity per side
    • 1,524 mm (60") diameter tabletop
    • 2.5-second index time
  • Mezzanine for robot controllers, PLC, and welding power sources
  • Comprehensive guarding package, including: wire fence with safety interlocked gate, light curtain, and arc curtains

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Pneumatic fixtures with part-present and clamp sensors were supplied through Motoman's Tooling Partner Program. Fixtures in the three-robot cells handle one part style; the dual-robot cell fixtures handle two styles. Parts range from 1,346 mm - 1,600 mm (53" - 63") long and weigh approximately 11.3 kg (25 lbs) each.

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