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Motoman Robots Painting

ACS-101.jpgFabricated Weldments for Transportation

Robots automate spray painting process for over 70 different fabricated metal parts, providing consistent, high-quality painting and reducing paint usage and associated costs. Integrated vision systems identify products and families and automatically select the proper robot program. If no program is found for a particular part or group of parts, the robot spray paints using a generic robot program. Flexible system houses the two robots in separate spray booths that operate independently, allowing workers to manually spray paint parts, if needed. Parts travel through both spray booths to paint entire part. Robots are integrated with existing paint line equipment, including overhead conveyor that runs at 2.9-m (9.5') per minute, side draft spray paint booths, and paint delivery system.

Project Challenges

  • Automate manual paint process for over 70 different fabricated steel parts. The majority of parts are semi-truck docking legs (landing gear) and related hardware. Carriers on paint line conveyor hold the same family of product, but may hold different product sizes. Product families are not intermixed. One color of material is sprayed for all parts.
  • Integrate robots with existing paint line equipment, including overhead power and free channel line conveyor that runs at rate of 2.9-m (9.5') per minute, side draft spray paint booths, and paint delivery system.
  • Provide flexible system with robots in two separate paint booths that can be operated independently, and would allow workers to manually paint parts, if needed.
  • Provide high-quality painting of fabricated steel parts, and reduce paint usage and associated costs

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom robotic painting solution, including:

  • (2) Motoman PX2850 robots equipped with hollow-style wrists.
  • (2) XRC 2001 Robot FM controllers with intrinsically safe pendants (ISPs). Each controller includes additional XOI01 discrete I/O module, XEW01-2 analog output board and DeviceNet module.
  • (2) Robot S-axis hard stops.
  • Robot-mounted ITW electrostatic spray paint system that pumps paint to two different spray guns from one source. Includes two spray guns, lid-mounted pump on 55-gal drum for coating supply, tubing, regulators, pneumatic control panels, and flushing equipment.
  • (3) Vision systems. One is used for 2D matrix verification (reading part tags). Two cameras set at different heights are used for part identification on the paint line. Each system includes digital vision camera, vision spreadsheet interface, mounting hardware and robot interface cable.
  • (2) Custom disposable robot covers.
  • Heavy-duty line tracking unit. Allows robots to monitor paint line conveyor movement and paint parts while they are in motion.
  • Tag printer mounted on column base for part ID marking.
  • Industrial PC station with ink-jet printer.
  • MotoCom SDK software package.
  • Cell guarding package to meet ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and Canadian (CSA) safety standards, including 2.44 m (8') high woven-wire perimeter safety fence; (2) access gates with positive-break safety switches; and (2) safety light curtains.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

The customer provided the part carriers and redesigned the hooks (set at two different heights) to consistently present parts to the robots for painting. Large parts within carriers have individual ID tags or the carriers containing various small parts have an ID tag.

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