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Motoman Robots Plasma Cutting and Handling

Motoman HP350 robot loads rectangular tubes into fixtures on one of two headstock/tailstock positioners. Two Motoman HP20-6 robots plasma cut holes/features, chamfer one end, as needed, and etch part identification into tubes, which the HP350 robot then unloads onto a two-level outfeed rack.Steel Tubes for Heavy Equipment

Robot solution provides seven to eight times higher productivity than previous process, even with additional hole and feature cutting, chamfering and part identification operations. Previous process required 15-16 minutes per tube. Robot system processes a bundle of eight tubes in approximately 17-18 minutes. Robotic system also provides additional capability to use Robot 1 to chamfer ends of some tubes and Robot 2 to etch part identification onto each tube. System can run tubes in batches of same part model or kits of specified part models, based on operator input from an easy-to-use HMI.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided a three-zone vacuum gripper. Sensors allow handling robot to confirm part length and search for a part on infeed rack before picking it up. Motoman also provided custom automatic fixtures for one positioner consisting of two pneumatically actuated spring-assisted parallel grippers. A similar manually controlled pneumatic fixture on second positioner is loaded/unloaded via overhead crane.

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