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End of Arm Tooling

Designed for Collaborative

HC10 Robot with Gripper

Collaborative robotics presents unique challenges for end of arm tooling (EOAT) that may be unfamiliar to those familiar with conventional robotic EOAT. Worker safety is always a primary consideration in any robotic application but there are more stringent requirements for collaborative applications. End of arm tooling exists for many applications, such as assembly, dispensing or labling. Each collaborative robotic application requires a specific type of tool that must comply with collaborative robotic safety guidelines. The most common type of EOAT for collaborative robotics is a gripper.

Gripper Suppliers

Yaskawa has partnered with four companies to provide EOAT that meets or exceeds collaborative safety requirements.


Robotiq helps manufacturers easily deploy plug & play collaborative robot tools across many stations in factories worldwide. An employee-owned business with an international partner network, Robotiq’s grippers and sensors enhance robot application flexibility and integration simplicity.

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Schmalz is the world’s leading supplier of vacuum technology and provides customers, from a wide variety of industries, with efficient automation solutions. From universal area grippers to configurable end effectors, Schmalz offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components.

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 Schunk, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, offers the world’s most comprehensive range of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric grippers in stock. Known for their precision and robustness, Schunk grippers provide stability and efficiency for assembly and handling.

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Zimmer Group helps companies from all industries attain technological excellence through a far reaching product range. A leading manufacturer in the automation industry, Zimmer Group provides grippers, tool changers, robot accessories and complete end of arm turnkey gripper systems.

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Other Types of End of Arm Tooling

Your robotic process may require a type of tool with different safety considerations based on the design of the tool and work being performed. In every case, all collaborative safety measures must be observed in the design of the tool and operation of the collaborative robot. If you are unsure if your EOAT is suitable for collaborative operation, contact us. We can help you assess whether your tooling/process can be modified for compliance, or if you should consider different tooling.

Unsure if your EOAT is suitable for collaborative operation? Contact us. We can help you assess your tooling/process for collaborative compliance.