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Boost Welding Performance at FABTECH 2019

Boost Welding Performance at FABTECH 2019

Posted: 10/8/2019 7:33:20 PM by Sarah Mellish
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With the development and use for robotic technology in the welding industry expected to increase at a rapid pace, it is important for large OEMs and fab shops alike to keep up with the latest technology to stay competitive. Whether a company’s focus is on medium- to large-volume production or whether new market dynamics have prompted high-mix low-volume throughput, robots combined with feature-rich technologies are helping businesses of all sizes in various industries to achieve greater accuracy and higher quality with faster performance.


From streamlined robot models with faster acceleration/deceleration speeds to fully integrated turnkey robotic workcells, and everything between, new technologies for bolstering welding productivity will abound next month at FABTECH 2019 in the Yaskawa Motoman booth (#B27056). Be sure to attend the show and stop by the booth to see displays or demonstrations for:

Arc Welding
ArcWorld® 6200 workcell – A pre-engineered arc welding solution built to optimize medium- to large-sized part production, this workstation features two streamlined six-axis AR1440 welding robots with expanded wrist range for improved application flexibility. Each robot utilizes a YRC1000 controller and integrated welding power source that is mounted on a common base for easy setup. Multiple robot control with coordinated motion between devices is demonstrated from a single teach pendant. The AC servo-driven RM2-750 Ferris-wheel positioner utilizes the MotoMount™ fixture mounting system, allowing the positioner to be lagged directly to the floor and eliminating the need for precision alignment or machined bases while simplifying tooling changeovers. The workcell also features advanced aluminum welding equipment by Miller® and Lincoln Electric®, showcasing the new easy-to-use Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) pendant application that enables control of any weld process or parameter through a common user-friendly interface.

AR700 and AR900 arc welding robots – Powerful and compact, these high-speed arc welding robots are ideal for welding small parts with difficult angles. Each robot features a slim profile design for high-density spacing and an easy-to-clean finish for use in harsh environments.

AR1730 arc welding robot – This high-capacity robot provides fast, accurate performance for a variety of arc welding applications. The robot’s 25-kg payload capacity and double-yoke design easily support large torch dimensions and special tooling, while an extensive horizontal and vertical reach accommodate a range of parts.

Spot Welding
SP80 spot welding robot – Featured in a mixed-process workstation, the low-profile SP80 spot welding robot – equipped with a servo-controlled ultra-light spot gun with DC spot timer to optimize cycle time – demonstrates exceptionally fast axis speeds and acceleration to reduce air-cut time for increased production output. The workcell also features the high-payload GP180 robot performing jigless positioning tasks, and the low-profile GP110 robot manipulating a laser seam stepper. The three-robot cell is highlighting the use of multiple robot control with coordinated motion between different devices and processes through a single YRC1000 teach pendant for the fabrication of a single part.

Robotic Vision
MotoSight™ 2D – Cost-effective and easy to integrate, this hardware/software solution is designed to solve complex vision problems. Ideally suited for both vision guidance applications and inspection tasks, this demonstration features a compact Cognex camera and utilizes leading PatMax® pattern recognition software to recognize structured and semi-randomly placed parts. The fast and compact GP8 robot with the powerful YRC1000 robot controller is also featured in this demonstration.

Material Handling
MotoMini robot – Equipped with the highest acceleration speeds in a small-size robot, the compact MotoMini only weighs 7 kg, making it easy to carry and ideal for mounting close to workpieces and other machinery in existing lines or workcells. Controlled by the space-saving YRC1000micro robot controller that can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, as well as within a 19-inch rack, the MotoMini is ideal for a range of applications. The demonstration will showcase two MotoMini robots working together to facilitate small-part processing.

Collaborative Robotics
HC10DT (direct teach) human-collaborative robot – Featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology, the HC10DT robot offers hand-guided teaching for fast deployment and redeployment on demand. This hands-on demonstration shows how easy robot programming can be with the intuitive easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant that radically changes the way a robot is programmed via Smart Frame technology.

HC10 human-collaborative robot – Ideal for tasks that require a robot to work with, or in close proximity to humans, the HC10 robot reduces the need for a hard safety enclosure. This machine tending workstation demonstrates Speed and Separation Monitoring – a collaborative mode where additional sensing devices for safety zone monitoring are used.

Drives and Motion
Cutting-edge 3D printer Engineered to deliver 3D printing at 350 millimeters per second, this industrial 3D printer features a strong rigid framework, optimized extruder and Yaskawa servo control, setting a dramatically higher standard for additive manufacturing speed and super smooth surface finishes. A Yaskawa MP3300iec machine controller achieves this productivity with standard G-code, using newly developed graphical user interface Yaskawa Compass for intuitive machine operations and customizable user control.

Real-time Device Visualization
Yaskawa Cockpit™ – A key component of Yaskawa’s i3-Mechatronics vision of Industry 4.0, the integrated approach of the Yaskawa Cockpit software platform easily monitors, accumulates and visually delivers data in real time for networked production environments, facilitating data-driven optimized planning that maximizes efficiency and throughput. At the show, the ArcWorld 6200 workcell, SP80 spot welding demo, MotoSight 2D solution, MotoMini workstation, HC10 machine tending workcell and the Drives & Motion 3D printer will be synchronized, demonstrating how operators can see what is happening at any point on the value chain to gain actionable insights for informed decisions.

Comprehensive Support Services
Yaskawa Support Services (YSS) – One robot or hundreds, it is important to have a committed partner available to assist you at every stage of the project life cycle. This display will highlight diverse YSS support offerings that help maximize uptime, accelerate ROI and ensure long-term performance.


The utilization of cutting-edge robotic automation is vital for manufacturers seeking to tackle a growing number of challenges today. Our Yaskawa Motoman experts look forward to helping you meet your advanced manufacturing needs. Come learn how these high-performance robots and innovative technologies can tackle your fabricating and production challenges, while optimizing operations, improving quality and reducing costs.

To learn more about FABTECH or to register, go here.

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