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Cutting-edge Automation Solutions for Your Clinical Lab at AACC

Cutting-edge Automation Solutions for Your Clinical Lab at AACC

Posted: 6/5/2023 3:32:59 PM by Craig Rubenstein
Topics: Laboratory Automation, Trade Shows

Integral to individual patient care and the overall health care system, the necessity for diagnostic testing in laboratory medicine continues to surge. With anticipated market growth of a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.63% by 2030, more facilities than ever are embracing intelligent automation and robotic systems to streamline high-throughput areas of the clinical diagnostic lab. Chronic disorders and infectious diseases, paired with on-going management of COVID-19, are a key driver for this, prompting the need to safely, accurately and timely process samples. Add in the complexity of the critical worker shortage for experienced laboratory personnel, and the use of automated solutions for pre- and post-analytic specimen sequencing, as well as front-to-back workflow, remains vital for meeting labor-intensive demands for enhanced patient care.

Robotic Lab Automation

Providing the utmost quality, efficiency, flexibility and reliability, Yaskawa cutting-edge laboratory solutions feature high-speed robots and/or other performance-driven components for high duty cycles. From standalone workcells for “task-specific” process automation to integrated solutions for pre- and post-analytic sequencing, multiple options exist to fulfill diverse requirements for maximum specimen throughput. Offering multiple connectivity options and configurability, these systems can also facilitate smooth data exchange with LIS/LIMS systems for specimen processing and traceability.

Discover More at AACC 2023

To learn more about the transformational impact laboratory automation can have on your specific operations, join our Yaskawa experts at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, California (July 23-27), at the Anaheim Convention Center. Celebrating 75 years in existence, this meeting will feature over 800 exhibitors, 300 speakers, 250 educational sessions and 250 product categories.

At the show, visit the Yaskawa Booth #3363, where you will see the following specimen processing systems:

AutoSorter 1200S/Sealer – well-suited for meeting stringent demands for high throughput commercial labs and reference laboratories, the AutoSorter 1200 can process up to 1,200 specimens per hour for rack-based pre-analytic sorting and post-analytic foil sealing, sorting/archiving. Capable of operating as a standalone instrument or as one in a series of processing stations in a conveyorized line, this flexible workcell is customizable to meet lab requirements. A high-performance Yaskawa robot optimizes system uptime and reliability.

AutoSorter™ XN – designed for the Sysmex® XN-Series hematology line, the high-performance AutoSorter XN platform facilitates pre- and post-analytic specimen processing for demanding laboratory environments. Offering bulk loading and high-speed specimen sorting, AutoSorter XN is capable of loading/unloading a fully populated Sysmex XN line at capacity, processing up to 1,100 specimens per hour. At the show, the AutoSorter XN will be shown in a scalable Sysmex automated hematology system.

Be sure to register for the show and come discuss your specific projects with our automation experts. Whether your requirements revolve around sorting, aliquoting, decapping/recapping, thawing/mixing, centrifugation, or archive storage and retrieval, our dedicated team can help.

Craig Rubenstein is a Life Science Technology Leader at Yaskawa America, Inc. Motoman Robotics Division

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