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Enthusiasm Grows for National Robotics Week

Posted: 4/2/2018 9:33:02 AM by Sarah Mellish
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The enthusiasm for automation and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) related fields continues to grow, bringing optimism to the future of the robotics industry. Regional events like TechFest in southwest Ohio and grassroots activities during National Robotics Week have contributed a new level of excitement to audiences of all ages about the cultural impact robotics will continue to have on society.

“Workforce development is the key,” said Bob Graff, Senior Sales Manager for Education at Yaskawa Motoman. “STEM-centric events are essential to promoting advanced manufacturing careers in robotics and automation. When local companies and schools work together, students learn robotic skills and gain a more comprehensive understanding of next-generation automation technologies. This is crucial for companies looking to fill the job gap.”

In recognition of this year’s National Robotics Week (NRW), Yaskawa Motoman recently held two tour days with over 600 students visiting our main headquarters and manufacturing facility in Miamisburg, Ohio. The tours gave students (ranging from 4th grade to college level) a hands-on experience and stressed the importance of the U.S. robotics industry, making a compelling case for careers in robotics and advanced automation.

One of the earliest supporters of NRW, Yaskawa Motoman not only plays an active role in the local community, but also our experts collaborate closely with educators and industry professionals across the Americas to help build a relevant Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 workforce training environment, as well as being an active member of the ARM Institute which has a key focus on Education Workforce Development (EWD). By providing educational tools and STEM curriculum, that can be utilized in building a robust and highly-skilled workforce, Yaskawa Motoman is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that support education standards in innovative ways.

Sarah Mellish is a Marketing Content Specialist

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