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Experience Packaging Perfection

Posted: 9/17/2017 6:33:51 PM by Jennifer Katchmar
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Whether your application calls for picking, packing, end-of-line palletizing, container unloading, warehouse inbound depalletizing or outbound mixed pallets, Yaskawa offers a complete line of robots and technologies to create the perfect packaging solution for you.

Yaskawa’s exhibit at this year’s Pack Expo Las Vegas will feature picking, packing and palletizing solutions that make automating easier, boost production and work well in stringent environments.

Attendees will see how we’ve perfected PLC-integrated robotics with robots, servo axes and variable frequency drives (VFD) controlled by a unified platform and ladder-based programming conventions.

Make Automating Easier

Traditionally, robots have required a separate proprietary programming language. Yaskawa Motoman’s new generation of integration for robots and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), the MLX300 software option, enables operators to control and program Yaskawa Motoman robots in a standard PLC programming environment. Knowledge of specialized robotic programming language is not required. The MLX300 also simplifies system design, training and maintenance.

Yaskawa’s SigmaLogic servo drives permit external motion to be simply programmed in familiar Add-On-Instructions (AOIs), minimizing the time it takes to interface devices to PLCs. Visitors to the Yaskawa booth will be able to view a ladder program and robot AOIs firsthand.

PalletSolver®, a comprehensive palletizing software, enables fast development and deployment of complex palletizing workcells. This easy-to-use PC-based software allows users to quickly generate ideal pallet patterns offline, for virtually any mix of SKUs. The online component optimizes the execution of the pattern files and robot operation.  Recently, Yaskawa Motoman and its partner, CRG Technologies, shared a new case study about how an automated system with PalletSolver and MLX controls reduced Rockline Industries’ manual processes and the related safety issues. Visitors will learn how easy PalletSolver is to operate, as well as download a free trial version.

Boost Production

The recently introduced GP8 and GP12 six-axis robots are designed for fast-paced packaging and general handling processes. The superior speed of this robot family is complemented by its compact, nimble performance and simple, streamlined designed. Both models offer improved acceleration/deceleration control for all robot positions, creating faster cycle times.

MotoPick™ is user-friendly, advanced software with building blocks to create optimal, high-speed picking solutions for up to 10 robots and 11 conveyors. It offers pattern-based distribution of product and dynamic load balancing among multiple robots.

For order picking, layer-forming, palletizing/depalletizing applications, and many logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution center automation, Yaskawa Motoman’s MPL-series palletizing robots and MH-series handling robots are powerful and fast, resulting in reduced cycle times and increased production volume. These robots are available in a variety of payload and reach capabilities.

Prevent Contamination

Several of our robots, including the GP8, feature an IP67 washdown rating with an easy-to-clean surface that can resist dust and coolants, making them ideal for use in sanitary or harsh environments. Robots such as our high-speed, delta-style MPP3H and MPP3S are also designed to operate in stringent sanitary conditions as stipulated by the Food Safety Modernization Act. These models, and our complete line of packaging robots, have NSF-H1 certified food-grade lubricants for use in food-processing environments.

Plan to visit to the Yaskawa booth at Pack Expo Las Vegas. You will see innovative solutions that result in easier automation and higher production, while handling your product in a harsh environment. In addition, you can meet our expert staff who will help find the perfect solution for your operations. We make packaging perfection!

While you’re at our booth, be sure to visit “The Pub”! A Yaskawa robot will be serving two kinds of beer, which were selected by our Facebook followers.

Jennifer Katchmar is a Marketing Communications Specialist

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