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Meeting Advanced Manufacturing Needs at FABTECH

Posted: 10/26/2017 6:15:06 PM by Jennifer Katchmar
Topics: Arc Welding, Handling, Machine Vision, Spot Welding, Trade Shows

Improve turnaround time. Respond to changing needs. Deliver consistent quality. Maintain low price points. These are your customers' demands.


At this year’s FABTECH, visit the Yaskawa booth (B17020) to learn about the technologies that can help ramp up your time to market, enable quick changeovers to handle a broader mix of product variations, and consistently create the highest quality parts.

As a global leader in robotic welding, we will feature streamlined arc and spot welding robots with a range of payloads and reaches, as well as complete workcells and peripherals. In addition to our flexible welding solutions, we will demonstrate an advanced 3D vision solution that can help optimize your entire workflow.

Arc Welding
For the first time, we will demonstrate our new pre-engineered ArcWorld® 500 and ArcWorld®2000 workcells. With a dual-station design that allows for high robot utilization, ArcWorld 500is an affordable wire-to-weld solution for small- to medium-size parts produced at medium to high volumes. This two-station cell can occupy a typical single-station space, making the most of precious floorspace. It utilizes an MA1440 welding robot with AccuFast™ II, an economical laser-based seam finder that reduces cycle times and works on a wide variety of metals, including aluminum.

ArcWorld 2000 is a modular workcell that easily scales from a single-station layout with a reduced floorspace footprint to a two-robot dual station configuration that makes it adaptable to ever-changing product demands. This powerful system can handle parts up to 5 meters in width and payloads up to 6,300 kg. Featuring the slim, extended-reach MA3120, this robot is ideal for larger workpieces such as automotive frames, agriculture parts and construction machinery. Its long reach reduces the need for tracks. This cell is also ideal for all types of metal and is increasingly popular with aluminum fabricators with large parts. Being successful with aluminum requires using special techniques to maintain quality and control costs. To learn more about these techniques, listen to our recent podcast.

Spot Welding
SpotWorld® 1200 is a complete, standardized workcell with spot welding robots, process equipment, part positioner and safeguarding integrated together. It features our MS165 and MS80W II spot welding robots with a turntable positioner. The MS165 uses a gas spring and Yaskawa’s Sigma-5 motor technology, which results in a lighter weight and a reduced-profile design, allowing for higher robot density around a car body or smaller workcells for Tier 1 applications. The MS80W II is a fast, compact model designed to take advantage of lighter weight Mid-Frequency Direct Current (MFDC) spot guns with servo motor actuation.

Material Handling with Vision
In addition to our well-known welding capabilities, we offer innovative, advanced technologies for an array of applications. At FABTECH, we will highlight a compact MH5LS robot equipped with MotoSight™ 3D BinPick. This easy-to-use hardware/software solution utilizes a single 3D machine vision head to quickly and easily recognize randomly placed parts, enabling a robot to pick and place them for the next step in a manufacturing process.

Drives and Motion
Yaskawa's Drives and Motion Division will feature motion control solutions in plasma, laser and water jet cutting, press feeds and 3D printing. Highlights include the MP3300iec Machine Controller with G-Code, Ethernet/IP and web-based diagnostics and updates. Also, Sigma Servos with vibration suppression to counteract machine resonance and absolute encoders for smoother shape cutting.

We look forward to learning more about your welding challenges and helping you find a way to resolve them. We hope to see you in Chicago!

Jennifer Katchmar is a Marketing Communications Specialist

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