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Packaging: It’s an Easy Decision

Posted: 10/2/2018 3:26:03 PM by Michael Castor
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Come see how easy end-to-end packaging can be at the Yaskawa Motoman Pack Expo International booth (S-2373), October 14-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Whether your application requirements call for picking, packing, end-of-line palletizing, container unloading or warehouse management, Yaskawa’s complete line of high-performance robots and technologies can optimize every stage of your operations.

This year’s exhibit will feature solutions to simplify product handling and boost production output for robotic applications in various environments. Solutions on display will showcase several new robots, collaborative technology and innovative advancements.

High-Performance Industrial Robots and Components

The new MotoMini robot – the smallest and lightest six-axis robot in the industry – will demonstrate how you can take your small-part process to the next level. Equipped with the highest acceleration in a compact robot, MotoMini is 20 percent faster than others in its class.

The MotoMini is controlled by the new ultra-compact YRC1000micro controller – the smallest robot controller in its class. Designed to be installed vertically, horizontally, or mounted in a standard 19” equipment rack, the YRC1000micro utilizes the same lightweight standard teach pendant and intuitive programming as the full-size YRC1000 controller.

Recently introduced, the powerful and efficient GP-series robots are now available with payload capacities from 7 kg to 600 kg and are designed for a wide range of handling applications. While the compact six-axis GP7 robot demonstrates a fast-paced palletizing application, the GP8 robot will show high-speed, small part handling.

Designed with an IP67 washdown rated wrist and an easy-to-clean surface (like the GP7 and GP8), the GP12 robot will be featured in two separate workcells; a standalone packaging cell and a material handling workcell that also showcases two delta-style MPP3H robots. The MPP3H and MPP3S robots, as well as select models from our packaging lineup, are available with NSF-H1 certified food-grade lubricants for use in food-processing environments.

Engineered for simple installation, easy operation and minimal maintenance, GP-series robots are controlled by Yaskawa’s high-performance, space-saving YRC1000 controller, which uses a lightweight standard teach pendant. For novice programmers and those looking for an easier to use solution, the MotoMini and select GP-series robots (GP7, GP8 and GP12 models) can be programmed with the new easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant. Smart pendant features intuitive controls and patented Smart Frame technology, which eliminates the use of coordinate frames and allows for simplified robot jogging.

If your application involves order picking, layer-forming, palletizing/depalletizing, or other logistical tasks, the powerful and efficient MPL-series palletizing robots and GP-series handling robots are available in a wide range of payload and reach capacities to meet nearly every demand. This makes these versatile robots perfect for distribution centers and end-of-line automation.

Easily Adaptable Human-Collaborative Robots

Designed to work safely with, or in close proximity to human workers, the human-collaborative HC10 robot will be on display. Featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology and a Functional Safety Unit (FSU) to protect workers from potentially harmful contact situations, this collaborative robot (cobot) with industrial pedigree is ideal for Distributed Manufacturing Systems (DMS). Easily adaptable and integrated with existing automation, the six-axis HC10 cobot offers a 10-kg payload capacity and a 1,200 mm horizontal reach.

Innovative Motion Control & Software Tools

Monitor Data

All robots on display will be connected to Yaskawa Cockpit™, a new data collection and visualization tool for displaying the status and health of factory devices. Through state-of the art software architecture, Yaskawa Cockpit helps to increase productivity and assist with life cycle maintenance for robots (and other devices through the extended enterprise), enabling companies to implement data-driven optimized planning for maximum efficiency and throughput.

Boost Throughput

Attendees at PackExpo will see how the MLX300 software option, Yaskawa’s next-generation interface for robots and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), enables operators to control Yaskawa Motoman robots using a PLC programmed in a standard PLC programming environment. Because knowledge of a specialized robotic programming language in not required, use of MLX300 simplifies system design, training, maintenance, and enables seamless integration with existing automation.  

Streamline Your Process

If your application involves palletizing items such as bags or boxes, be sure to check out our micro-palletizing cell utilizing PalletSolver® software. PalletSolver is an easy-to-use, PC-based application that allows users to quickly generate preferred pallet patterns offline for virtually any mix of SKUs. An online component optimizes the execution of the pattern files and robot operation, enabling fast development and deployment of complex palletizing workcells.

Synchronize Robot Picking with Conveyor Operations

In today’s fast-paced world of picking and placing, speed and versatility have become the name of the game. Our pick and place demo consisting of two MPP3 robots and a GP12 will feature MotoPick™, a user-friendly advanced software package that enables rapid deployment of machine vision-based, high-speed picking solutions. Providing precise control and coordination of infeed and outfeed conveyors, this powerful software option can synchronize multiple robots to pick fast moving product off of a conveyor for placement on an outfeed device, tray or box in an organized arrangement.

Make an Easy Decision!

Plan to visit the Yaskawa Motoman booth at Pack Expo International 2018 to see these innovative demonstrations and to discuss your handling and packaging challenges with our engineers and experts. And, be sure to grab a cold beverage from our HC10 robotic bartender at the Yaskawa Motoman Pub!

Michael Castor is a Product Manager, Material Handling - Yaskawa America, Inc. Motoman Robotics Division

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