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Plug Into Robotics at Automate

Plug Into Robotics at Automate

Posted: 3/9/2017 2:15:04 PM by Jennifer Katchmar
Topics: Arc Welding, Collaborative, Handling, Machine Vision, New Technologies, Trade Shows

There may be several paths to maintain and expand your business, but how do you know which is the right choice? And while you’re busy navigating the options, your competition may be approaching your customers with promises of better, cheaper and faster deliverables. Maybe now is the right time to consider automation.

If you’ve ruled out robotics in the past or think it's only an option for large companies, Automate 2017 provides a great opportunity for you to take a fresh look. At Yaskawa’s booth #1630, you will see products that meet common needs for higher production rates, easy integration, smaller floorspace requirements and economical automation.

Can a Robot Do that Better? 

In the past, robots were relegated to the dirty and dangerous jobs, but in today’s factories, robots are taking on more tasks that require an extremely high level of precision and a much higher rate of throughput. Automation can allow employees to move to less strenuous, more fulfilling jobs, while robots tackle those tedious tasks. And these new products do just that:

Featuring power- and force-limiting technology, the HC10 human-collaborative robot works safely alongside humans. With simple "teach by demonstration” or programming, it is fast to deploy or redeploy on demand. The HC10 is easily adaptable to changing requirements and can perform a broad range of material handling, machine tending or light assembly tasks.

MotoSight™ 3D BinPick is the next generation of vision technology for bin picking applications. The system uses a single camera and integrated lighting to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly placed in bins. 3D CAD matching provides simplified, accurate part registration, allowing even complicated parts to be identified.

Integration is Critical
For those who haven’t worked with automation, there may be some hesitation due to the belief that integration can be difficult and time-consuming. These new solutions are designed to make integration as easy and painless as possible: 

The GP8, one of several new robot models available this year, is designed for low payload, high-speed handling applications. A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator and controller, resulting in easy setup and reduced maintenance expenses. The GP8 has an IP67 rating and an easy-to-clean surface for use in sanitary or harsh environments.


The ArcWorld® 500 is a versatile workhorse that can deliver whatever your welding application demands. As with our other ArcWorld solutions, this welding workcell arrives at your facility pre-assembled for quick setup and deployment.

And our case packing solution demonstrates that Yaskawa robots can be programmed without using a proprietary robot controller. Our SigmaLogic servo drives allow for external motion to be programmed in familiar Add-On-Instructions (AOIs), minimizing the time it takes to interface devices to PLCs.

Space is at a Premium 
Because limited floorspace is a common problem for manufacturers, Yaskawa Motoman offers many different compact solutions and alternatives that still deliver the reliable, high performance needed to increase productivity. Visitors will see these space-saving products:

When traditional floor-mounted automation may not be the best answer, rail-mounted solutions like MotoRail™ 7 provide the flexibility of a seventh axis to traditional six-axis robots, while reducing floorspace requirements. This configuration allows easy access for tool changes and part setups, and reduces trip hazards. MotoRail 7 can be used for identical or progressive operations at multiple machining cells. These solutions are easily deployed and can often use existing machine layouts.

For medium-volume welding applications, our cost- and space-efficient ArcWorld 500 is a perfect choice. Its dual-station design enables it to maximize uptime for higher-volume runs, which improves both speed and part quality. These 2-station cells can occupy a typical single-station space.

Additionally, the GP8 and HC10 robots are extremely compact solutions that offer great flexibility and can be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other equipment.

At the show, you will also learn how robotics can make better use of your staff and improve safety for your employees. On Tuesday, April 4, Yaskawa Motoman’s Zane Michael will present a recent case study: “How State-of-the-Art Robotic Joining Technology Can Solve Your Welder Labor Shortage”. Learn how a manufacturer went from having no robotic automation to a system that incorporates most of the advanced welding technologies currently available.

And on Wednesday, April 5, Yaskawa Innovation’s Chetan Kapoor will give a presentation on the “Robotics Evolution: From Production Rate to Human Productivity”. This topic will focus on collaborative robots and the future of human-robot interaction.

If you will be attending the show, please make plans to register for one or both of these conference sessions.

Yaskawa Motoman is ready to help you make the transition into or expand your use of robotics. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Jennifer Katchmar is a Marketing Communications Specialist

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