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Raise the Standard with Customer-Driven ArcWorld Solutions

Raise the Standard with Customer-Driven ArcWorld Solutions

Posted: 11/6/2018 2:29:38 PM by Josh Leath
Topics: Arc Welding, Manufacturing

For over twenty years, companies have realized the transformative results that the use of Yaskawa ArcWorld® workcells can provide. Groundbreaking innovations in automation and robotics have equipped these turnkey and customized solutions with robust capabilities that help deliver powerful performance for customers spanning diverse industries.

Proven Technologies

The introduction and launch of the next-generation YRC1000 robot controller gave Yaskawa Motoman the ideal opportunity to gain valuable feedback from customers about the equipment that would further improve their productivity and efficiency. From cell operators to engineering managers, and maintenance workers to business owners (and everyone in-between), our dedicated team captured the voice of the customer, providing the building blocks needed to hone the exceptional capabilities of our extensive family of fully integrated ArcWorld welding cells.

Changes Made to Meet Customer Specs

The customer consensus was clear; more standard options were needed to optimize productivity, promote ergonomics, facilitate ease of use, and decrease cost and integration time. With these customer requirements in mind, our experienced engineers integrated the latest technologies into our ArcWorld workcells, allowing companies to now experience the following benefits:

Increased Speed

  • New YRC1000 robot controller features faster processing, I/O communication and ladder scanning to increase robot response and precision
  • Latest generation AR-series robots offer up to 39% faster axis speeds and slimmer designs over our already industry-leading models

Better Ergonomics

  • Redesigned power and controls assembly platform puts the industry’s smallest controller at an optimal working height, while remaining aligned with their respected welding power supply
  • New teach pendant is 30% smaller and lighter to reduce programming fatigue
  • Improved touch screen is more intuitive and features a 3D model of the robot for quick program verification

Greater Ease of Use

  • Dedicated, high voltage and communications cabinets allow simpler and safer diagnostics
  • Room for expansion allows unique customer configurations without adding expensive, custom enclosures
  • Standard EtherNet/IP with Yaskawa’s Simple Connect programing pendant app quickly configures and offers diagnostics on the network of devices within the workcell
  • The pendant’s built-in help function helps to quickly diagnose cell alarms or errors
  • Standardized functions (built into the software) decrease programming time and enable access to more information

Safer Standards

  • Latest technology light curtains and gate interlocks keep cell operators safe from accidental cycle starts
  • Blue Yaskawa fencing and light curtains protect bystanders from arc sparks and flash
  • Yaskawa’s exclusive Functional Safety Unit (FSU) is now included with every robot integrated into an ArcWorld workcell. This helps define robot workspaces, set permissible range of motion, limit single axis speed, provide standstill monitoring, and monitor tool changes and angle – all to ensure programming accuracy and operator safety without additional mechanical parts to maintain

New Standard Options

  • Highly requested and utilized options are guaranteed to work seamlessly with any ArcWorld, maximizing return on investment
  • Newly designed tip change boxes make routine torch maintenance safe and easy while minimizing downtime
  • New Yaskawa light beacon features a bright, singular light to quickly indicate cell status with up to seven different colors that are shown one at a time to reduce confusion. The rugged beacon housing with EtherNet/IP interface can be easily mounted to any fence or post
  • RoboVent hoods provide a lower-cost exhaust solution to connect to user’s air filtering solutions
  • Secondary enabling switch meets RIA standards to allow a second operator inside a cell during programming
  • Low voltage TouchSense uses a dedicated circuit to detect part position faster and more accurately than secondary solutions offered by the welding power supply
  • Industry’s best weld wire delivery system makes routing bulk wire easy and reliable
  • Low wire and gas flow sensors reduce faulty welds and ruined parts

Improved Aesthetics

  • New ArcWorld designs promote a consistent cell experience, even between different models and layouts
  • The Yaskawa blue fence and weld curtains will shine throughout the factory

As market demands evolve and challenges get tougher, it is important for companies to raise their standards to stay competitive. While our team of Yaskawa Motoman experts and engineers are dedicated to helping customers optimize success through our innovative solutions, the importance of comprehensive operator training, adherence to safety regulations, and robot life cycle management should not be overlooked.

Learn more about maximizing uptime and accelerating ROI with our proven ArcWorld workcells today!

Josh Leath is a Product Manager

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