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Robotic Automation for Greater Resiliency: Canadian Tradeshow Highlights

Robotic Automation for Greater Resiliency: Canadian Tradeshow Highlights

Posted: 3/17/2022 6:25:23 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Supply Chain, Trade Shows

Supply chain disruptions and evolving consumer demands continue to permeate the industrial landscape, prompting companies of all sizes to stay agile and productive for greater resiliency. As a result, many company leaders are meshing forward-thinking strategies and advanced technology with human skills to create highly productive work environments.

Highly Effective Robotic Solutions

A key way manufacturing and warehousing facilities are bolstering operations is via flexible robotic automation. Whether it is to address current production bottlenecks, supplement manual labor or manufacture a new product in-house, the use of fast yet reliable robots is driving improved operational efficiency, product quality, worker safety and more.

Whether performing a welding, handling, coating or inspection task, robust robots with intuitive interfaces and intelligent peripherals are making a difference in nearly every industry. Easy-to-use collaborative robots that are quickly deployed and redeployed on demand are also bolstering production where robots need to work with or in close proximity to human workers. Easily rolled-up to large, heavy workpieces for welding, or expertly suited for end-of-line palletizing tasks, cobots are well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Complimenting robot utilization is the growing use of remote monitoring and device management for data analytics. User-friendly interfaces – like the edge server solution Yaskawa Cockpit™ – are providing an integrated, intelligent and innovative approach to asset management. Company leaders and operations managers can now view current and historical production volumes, as well as operation status of any connected device (including robots), in real time to make informed decisions for executing operational goals.

The growing utilization of robotic automation is especially strong for North American manufacturers, including those peppered throughout Canada. “Specific to the Canadian marketplace and ongoing labor shortage, we anticipate continued growth in the material handling robot segment along with general industry focus for robotics and automation,” states Jason Jenson, General Manager of Yaskawa Motoman Canada. “The lack of trades available will also allow for steady growth while increasing market share and outpacing historical trends.” Overall, the transition to robotic automation will efficiently help manufacturers fulfill strategic plans and position them for continued success.

Meet our Yaskawa Experts in Canada

As the uptick for high-mix, low-volume batch runs continues and the boom for e-commerce fulfillment persists, manufacturers are wise to consider proven robotic solutions as a way to effectively deal with increased demand and accelerated change. To learn more about highly reliable and capable Yaskawa robots and robotic workcells, join our experts at:

MEET Show (May 4-5)

Occurring every two years, the Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology (MEET) Show brings together professionals from the mechanical and electrical industries from across North America. To talk with our experts and learn how robots are helping in these industries, plan to attend the MEET Show and stop by our booth #1111 at the Moncton Coliseum Complex in Moncton, New Brunswick.

FABTECH Canada (June 14-16)

Returning to the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario, FABTECH Canada is the largest and most renowned event for metal-forming, fabrication, welding and finishing throughout Canada. Be sure to stop by our booth #10029 to chat with our experts about how high-performance robots and space-efficient weld booths can optimize your operations.

ATX Montréal (November 9-10)

One of the premier events in Canada for featuring the latest technological advances, ATX Montréal highlights innovations for custom automation, assembly, robotics, control software, motors, drives, motion control and more. Our Yaskawa experts will be at the show and look forward to helping you find the ideal solution to meet your exact specifications.

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