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Robotic Machining: The Next Dimension

Robotic Machining: The Next Dimension

Posted: 6/17/2021 2:49:42 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Automotive, Manufacturing, Material Removal, Programming

If you’re looking to gain flexibility, optimize floorspace, reduce cycle time or lower capital equipment costs on your shop floor, robotic machining may be a good fit for you! Highly versatile and repeatable, robot utilization may be the ideal alternative to supplement your Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tasks. Likewise, robots often excel at applications that would typically require the use of several CNC machines.

More affordable than ever, robotic technologies combined with intuitive programming options are enabling manufacturers to take a second look at robotic automation where machining is concerned. Whether a “part to process” or “process to part” task is being performed, an ideal system can be configured to suit applications needs.

Widely used for deburring, grinding, polishing and other finishing processes, fast and capable robots are quite helpful to manufacturers, especially where monotonous and hazardous tasks are concerned. Moreover, robots provide attractive benefits like higher quality production, increased throughput, optimized tool management and improved safety.

When choosing the best robotic system for a given application, especially for CNC operations, it’s important to consider workpiece characteristics, the number of tasks being completed and factory workflow. When needed, factors like abrasive types, cutting fluids and lubricants should be weighed as well.

Most importantly, perhaps, thought must be given to how the robotic system will be programmed without causing unnecessary downtime. Forward-thinking companies, like Robotmaster®, have tackled this dilemma by creating CAD/CAM robot programming and simulation software that allows task experts to program a robot quickly with ease. Whether a simple or complex application, software like this can maximize a robot’s capabilities by providing:

  • Accurate robot trajectories without teaching points

  • Click-and-drag interactive simulation and editing environment

  • Automated robot motion optimization


To delve deeper into the world of robotic machining, listen to Yaskawa expert Heath Lynnes, as well as Cory A. John and Octave Brouard from Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.), as they discuss:

  • Pros and cons of robotic machining

  • How do I know if an application is a good candidate?

  • Popular robots and technologies used

  • In-depth programming tips with CAD/CAM robot programming and simulation software

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