Smart Series line of robots – that are specifically designed to dramatically simplify robot programming." />
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Simple Technology for Smarter Robots

Simple Technology for Smarter Robots

Posted: 10/13/2020 2:37:53 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, EOAT, New Technologies

In today’s competitive market landscape, the implementation of robotic automation can provide manufacturers with the boost they need to meet stringent demands. More importantly, perhaps, is the peripheral technology available to optimize each application, often reducing cycle time and improving product quality for greater productivity gains.

Typically designed for multi-functional use, end-of-arm tools and accessories that are easy to install and program are crucial to gaining the flexibility needed to accommodate the nuances of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.  A growing number of peripheral technologies are being made to compliment industrial and collaborative robots – such as Yaskawa’s Smart Series line of robots – that are specifically designed to dramatically simplify robot programming.

To compliment the Smart Series line of robots and to empower our customers with the peripheral tools needed to quickly adapt to changing production requirements, Yaskawa has partnered with the following industry leaders to provide an off-the-shelf ecosystem of ISO-compliant grippers and accessory packages that are ready to install.


Specializing in easy-to-deploy electrical, vacuum, and adhesive gripping solutions, OnRobot offers a large breadth of devices for a wide range of applications. Recently adding three new gripper options, including the footprint-optimized Gecko Single Pad (SP) gripper, OnRobot continues to bring innovative technology to market. The Gecko SP’s no-mark gripping capability (even for perforated items or high-shine surfaces) eliminates the need for a cleaning step in the manufacturing process, saving time and improving output.  Additionally, the recent release of a 2.5D vision system compliments OnRobot’s ability to pair one or two grippers with the sensing it needs to adapt to a changing environment.  Check out the latest release of Yaskawa specific documentation and software to learn more.


A pioneer in easy-to-use tooling and application kits, Robotiq continues to provide innovative adaptive grippers. Offering three gripper options that are compatible with select Smart Series robots, Robotiq’s versatile Hand-E gripper offers a 50mm stroke, provides high accuracy for assembly tasks, and is built for use in harsh environments. Offering longer strokes, the 2F-85 and 2F-140 grippers are ideal for picking parts of different size and shapes, and they help to eliminate changeover for reduced tooling costs.


Specializing in modular vacuum gripping solutions, Schmalz has recently focused on collaborative products, offering three models compatible with the Yaskawa HC10DT robot. Aside from the highly modular ECBPi gripper that does not require an air supply, two FXCB gripper options are available. The latter (often used for larger payloads) now offers a cup option, allowing the user to customize cup type and length. In essence, this has successfully combined the valves, sensing, and traditional vacuum components normally spec’d individually by the user into a modern, smooth edge form factor while maintaining an industrial sense of vacuum gripping.


An industry leader in traditional grippers and options, Schunk has now created the inherently safe Co-act EGP-C gripper, with more innovative designs on the horizon. Among these designs is the FlexGrip series, which offers robust pneumatic and electrical grippers equipped with ISO-compliant flanges for nearly any robot, including Yaskawa Smart Series and other GP-series industrial robots. Furthermore, grippers in the FlexGrip series provide a flexible EOAT (end-of-arm-tooling) system that can be configured without using CAD or machining custom adapter plates.


An industry leader in safety, SICK offers two safety kits to compliment Smart Series systems that have a Functional Safety Unit (FSU). The sBot Speed – YA kit uses Speed and Separation monitoring with a microScan3 Core I/O laser scanner for programming zones to initiate robot speed reduction and activate safety-rated monitoring speed, as well as trigger safe protective stop, safe automatic restart, robot speed and emergency stop, as needed. Simpler in nature, the SBot Stop kit utilizes Stop-State Monitoring functionality.

Soft Robotics

A pioneer in “soft-gripping” technology, Soft Robotics offers the mGrip P4Y – a pneumatically actuated hybrid gripper with an external air supply that is compatible with the HC10DT cobot. This unique design enables the gripper to grab delicate or soft items of varying sizes (including food), and its modular characteristics allow it to be optimized to better suit the application. Moreover, Soft Robotics has a wealth of experience in developing custom grippers to suit application demands.


Known for “easy machine building”, Vention offers an assortment of mounting plates, stands and workstations that are compatible with select Smart Series robots. The company also provides a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for machine design which enables users to design, order and assemble custom factory equipment in a relatively short period of time. Head to their website to check out products and reference designs compatible with Yaskawa.

VIPA Controls

Specializing in innovative I/O solutions, VIPA Controls (a Yaskawa company) offers three economical and user-friendly Fieldbus and Ethernet-based remote I/O solutions for Smart Series systems. These kits come with a complete set of instructions to quickly establish communication with a Smart Series controller. Digital and Analog (current or voltage) options are available.



Known for developing sophisticated machine vision technology, Cognex Corporation’s advanced machine vision tools, such as MotoSight™ 2D – a Cognex In-Sight based vision system that provides feature-rich functionality for all Yaskawa robots – can deliver instant improvements to most any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed without defects and at lower costs.


An industry leader in protecting industrial robots and automation components, Roboworld ® continues to offer the Robosuit®  to protect robots from corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures, while Pendant Armor® protects the teach pendant from similar harsh environments.  More recently, Roboworld has rolled out a pendant protection option for the Smart Pendant. Both innovative protection options serve to extend the robot life cycle.

Learn More

To learn more about the new technologies available from these partners, contact our experts or view our recent webinar, Smart Series Technology Updates, by Andrew Boddiford, Sr. Robotics Engineer – Yaskawa Innovation, which covers:

  • What each new gripper kit includes

  • Gripper specifications

  • Yaskawa robot compatibility options

  • Communication/connection options such as EtherNet/IP and Discrete I/O

  • Frequently asked questions and more!

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