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Smart Robots for the Retail Supply Chain

Smart Robots for the Retail Supply Chain

Posted: 8/23/2021 6:44:48 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Logistics, Supply Chain

Once only used for high-volume, low-mix applications in structured environments, robotic automation is quickly becoming a necessity for companies that move goods from business to consumer. Thanks to advancements in 3D vision sensors, computer processing speeds and advances in artificial intelligence (AI), affordable implementation and quick deployment of robots in the retail supply chain is now a reality. As a result, low-volume, high-mix production and warehouse environments are benefitting, addressing the rapid growth of consumer demands.

To learn more about this robot adoption and the new technologies being used in this space, listen to our webinar on Robotic Adoption in the Logistics Supply Chain with Roger Christian – Division Leader, New Business Development at Yaskawa Motoman. This informative session shares multiple video examples of how robotic automation and other advanced technologies work together to build a highly reliable workforce, alleviate sortation/picking bottlenecks, gain greater volume control of parcels/orders and more! You’ll also obtain specific insights about:

– The current state of the Distribution and Logistics Market
– The E-Commerce Revolution
– Technologies that are enabling greater robotic adoption
– Industries that are benefitting from expanded robotic applications
– How fast, accurate robots are being used to provide consistent throughput

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