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The Smart Approach to Easy Robotic Automation

The Smart Approach to Easy Robotic Automation

Posted: 6/2/2021 6:00:25 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, Controls, Programming

Whether new to robotics or looking to build competitive edge, a growing number of decision makers are turning to more affordable, reliable and flexible robots with peripheral technologies to create intelligent factories capable of meeting stringent market demands, and bridging the gap between staff and application needs. As a result, a wider user group – including novice robot programmers – is emerging.

To address the learning requirements for these users, robot suppliers and integrators are creating easy-to-use tools that are readily accessible, easing the robot learning curve and fostering greater uptime. While it can be extremely helpful (especially when time is of the essence) this plug-and-play approach to robotics may leave some manufacturers needing greater capability down the line – as issues such as implementing safety standards, reducing cycle times, accommodating operator interactions, adding extra robots and implementing coordinated motion, etc. can arise.

For this reason, it is highly important that a smart approach to robotic automation is taken. Ideal for applications like inspection, machine tending, assembly and palletizing, the use of simplified yet robust technologies – as found in the Yaskawa Smart Series – provides the powerful capability needed without compromising ease of use. Two key features of this smart approach – highly intuitive robot programming and powerful controller functionality – work together, giving both industrial and collaborative robots the ability to be intelligently and easily deployed.

If you’re looking for an easy approach to robotic automation that offers powerful functionality, or if you currently utilize the Smart Pendant and are looking to add greater capability, listen to our webinar, Intro to Smart Pendant Apps & Installation Packages. Andrew Boddiford, Sr. Robotics Engineer – Yaskawa Innovation, will introduce the capabilities offered and discuss how to get started, including concepts on:

  • Extension apps and how they can improve configuration and programming of 3rd party devices

  • Desktop tools, such as Yaskawa’s Smart Packager, for combining a number of components into a single convenient file

  • Yaskawa Installation Packages (YIP or .yip) files and how they ease robot setup by automating processes typically outlined in a document

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