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PACKEX Toronto: The Time for Easy Automation is Now

PACKEX Toronto: The Time for Easy Automation is Now

Posted: 5/23/2019 7:46:53 PM by Sarah Mellish
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Join our Yaskawa experts at PACKEX Toronto to discover why the time to implement easy-to-use robots and advanced technologies is now. With the increase in product individualization, shorter product life cycles, diverse market demands, and supply chain and distribution concerns, production inefficiencies abound. And, despite the manufacturing sector’s ability to deliver a solid performance in 2018, job openings continue to grow at double-digit rates.

From small job shops to large manufacturing enterprises, leaders are taking a critical look at what can be done to grow and leverage operations while preparing for future unknowns. With only half of manufacturers using some form of automation in their business, companies that strategically plan and invest in robotics and advanced technologies have the chance to boost productivity while gaining a competitive edge. Furthermore, technologies that seek to compliment the current labor force – instead of replacing workers – will be far more effective in achieving transformative results.

Key Considerations for Easy-to-use Automation
But, what exactly should manufacturers consider when looking for robotic automation that is capable of complimenting human skill? While there is a full spectrum of technological solutions to address production pitfalls, the smart choice is to implement automation tools that allow quick and easy implementation of a robot system via intuitive robot programming methods for experienced and novice robot programmers alike. Some key considerations for this are:

Human-robot Collaboration
A key piece of the easy-to-use automation equation is the presence of human-robot collaboration (HRC), where a robot – enabled by special technology to work collaboratively – shares a common workspace with a human operator to carry out defined tasks in a timely manner.

When considering HRC, or any automation purchase for that matter, an in-depth risk assessment by a qualified individual should be done to help decision makers determine what form (Coexistence, Cooperation or Collaboration) and mode (Safety Monitored Stop, Power and Force Limiting, Hand Guiding, or Speed and Separation Monitoring) of collaboration are in order. Gaining a better understanding of these concepts will help leaders determine the type of robot and end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) needed to complete specific tasks.

At the Yaskawa booth in Toronto, the HC10DT (direct teach) collaborative robot (cobot) will be on display in a hands-on easy programming demo. Designed to work safely with, or in close proximity to humans, this cobot features Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology and offers hand-guided teaching for fast deployment and redeployment on demand.

High-performance Industrial Robots      
Some applications may be better suited for industrial style robots that offer more robust features. From optimized wrist ratings for accurate and repeatable handling, to faster axis speeds and acceleration capabilities to reduce cycle time, there are many determining factors. While important for both collaborative and industrial robots, other items such space efficiency, payload capacity and easy installation, operation and maintenance should be considered as well.

PACKEX Toronto attendees will get to see the exceptionally-fast and compact GP7 robot in a bin-picking workcell, featuring MotoSight™ 3D BinPick – the next generation of vision technology for picking applications. This system uses a single 3D camera with integrated lighting to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly placed in bins. 3D CAD matching provides simplified, accurate part registration, enabling even complicated parts to be identified.

The ultra-compact and lightweight MotoMini – the smallest and lightest six-axis industrial robot in the industry – will also be at the show. This workcell will feature two MotoMini robots working closely together to facilitate small part processing.

Simple, Intuitive Robot Programming Methods
Choosing the most capable robot for a given task is just part of the decision-making process. Those selecting robotic automation must also consider the ease-of-programming factor. Traditional robot programming often requires significant upfront investment in training, as traditional robot programming language can have a steep learning curve. Furthermore, this type of programming lacks the ability for manufacturers to easily adapt to changing manufacturing requirements, occupying valuable time in a very demanding market.

Not surprisingly, many mid-sized manufacturers and job shops lack the resources to dedicate to extensive training for programming efforts. In an effort to dramatically simplify the robot programming learning curve, Yaskawa is tailoring intuitive robot programming methods to novice robot users. A key piece of the puzzle for user-friendly programming comes in the form of the Smart Series product line, which includes the HC10DT, MotoMini, GP7, GP8 and GP12 robots, as well as the Smart Pendant and the YRC1000micro robot controller.

The highly-intuitive Smart Pendant, which will also be at the show, offers a fast and easy learning curve, representing the next generation of robot programming. Displayed in conjunction with the HC10DT collaborative robot in the aforementioned hands-on demonstration, the Smart Pendant showcases how patented built-in Smart Frame technology eliminates the use of coordinate (X, Y, Z) frames, radically changing the way a robot is programmed. The use of the Smart Pendant results in reduced programming time and provides fast and efficient implementation of a robot system.

Visit Yaskawa at PACKEX Toronto!
Whether you’re new to robotic automation or adding technologies to your workplace, we’re excited for you to visit our booth (#803) to experience how easy automation can be with Smart Series products and more.


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