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Tips for Updating YRC Controller Software and Adding a Second PFL Reset/Resume Button

Tips for Updating YRC Controller Software and Adding a Second PFL Reset/Resume Button

Posted: 2/22/2023 2:00:00 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Programming, Tips and Tools

The voice of the customer is one of the most important assets Yaskawa Motoman has for improving products and services. The insights gained by our experts provide the building blocks needed to make important software updates and share helpful tips for automation success. That said, the following information is optimizing operations for a growing number of Yaskawa robot users.

How to Update Controller Software

It is not uncommon for robot OEMs to release new software versions that extend functionality for greater ease of use and application success. For example, in the last year, Yaskawa released two Smart Pendant software versions (complimentary to Smart Pendant customers). This is a prime reason for utilizing the steps provided in the following instructional video that shows the step-by-step process for updating the YRC1000 or YRC1000micro controller software.

How to Add an External Button to Act as the PFL Reset/Resume Button

Not all collaborative robot applications have “cookie cutter” setups. For processes that use shelf-mounted robots or robots mounted in a unique way, the ability for the robot user to reach and press the Power and Force Limiting (PFL) reset/resume button may be hindered. That said, the ability to perform quick recovery with a dedicated PFL reset button, when needed, is a huge advantage that Yaskawa offers to customers – as shown in the following video.

More about PFL: with collaborative operation enabled, the PFL function monitors the external forces acting on the TCP and each axis of the robot or manipulator. If the external forces exceed the user defined limit, it performs a 2-stage pullback function to reduce allowable forces, and it puts the robot or manipulator into the state of monitored stop by the functional safety functions. When this occurs, the PFL reset/resume button lights up, indicating there’s a PFL alarm. The user then needs to verify the cause of the PFL alarm (i.e., having incorrect part weight or the robot unexpectedly contacts an object). Once the user has verified the robot/manipulator as safe, the PFL reset/resume button can be pressed to resume operations. Note: pressing the resume switch while it is lit cancels the monitored stop and allows you to resume the operation from the protective stop position.

Learn More about Collaborative Settings

If you’re looking to gain more knowledge about some of the specific functions your Yaskawa cobot has to offer, see our prior blog, “Changing Collaborative Settings on Cobots” for more instructional videos.

* Video descriptions provided by Yaskawa Process Engineer, Josue Alvarado


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