Y-Blog / Counting Down: The Top 10 Yaskawa Blog Posts of 2022
Counting Down: The Top 10 Yaskawa Blog Posts of 2022

Counting Down: The Top 10 Yaskawa Blog Posts of 2022

Posted: 12/7/2022 8:13:23 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: New Technologies, Tips and Tools

At Yaskawa, the voice of the customer matters, and our experts strive to provide easily accessible content to answer many questions that come our way. From robotic seam finding and robot collision avoidance to weld fume extraction and spot welding tips, many topics are addressed via articles, webinars and blogs. With that in mind and as we near the new year, here is a recap of our most popular Y-Blog posts from 2022:
#10 – Practical Ways to Solve Workforce Shortages with Robots
The ability for manufacturers to consistently produce affordable, high-quality products for on-time delivery is extremely significant to maintaining competitive edge. For many operations, however, this is becoming more difficult to achieve. Take strategic action today and learn simple ways robotic automation can help optimize your operations.
#9 – Industry Recognized Robotic Credentials for Supercharging Education and Upskilling Your Workforce
To deal with employment gaps, customer demands and ongoing disruption, companies are implementing innovative tools including, capable yet easy-to-use robots for production stability, operational efficiency and product quality. Along with this, company leaders are identifying needed employee skills and investing in appropriate training to cultivate the workforce needed. Discover more about these forward-thinking opportunities and how they may help benefit your employees or students.
#8 – Expert Tips for Robot Collision Avoidance
A robot’s ability to perceive obstacles and avoid collisions is paramount to efficient and safe robotic operation. Gain helpful advice for defining interference zones, testing a job in teach mode and more.
#7 – Supply Chain Re-invention: How Collaborative Automation Avoids Interruption and Enables Your Future
To effectively deal with increased demand and accelerated change, many company leaders are “re-inventing” their plans via forward-thinking strategies and cutting-edge technologies to keep competitive, including the use of robotic automation. From bin-picking to palletizing and part handling to insertion, learn several ways robots are optimizing operations.
#6 – How to Prep for Your Robotic Automation Site Visit
Whether you are new to robotic automation or if you are a seasoned robot user, contacting a robot supplier or integrator to conduct a site audit before robot implementation is a good place to start. Learn more about this process and the key steps manufacturers should take to gain the most from this experience.
#5 – Trailblazing Robotic Technologies for Future Business Growth at Automate
2022 brought a year full of in-person tradeshows, including IMTS, and we are looking forward to other events in the new year. From FETC and Powder Coating Week, to TechFest, ProMat, Automate and more, look for the Yaskawa booth and stop by to talk to our experts. Our 2022 Automate blog will give you a glimpse of what to expect at future shows.

#4 – 4 Key Ways Robots-As-A-Service Helps Your Growing Business Adapt
The Robots-As-A-Service (Raas) business model continues to help manufacturers of all sizes effectively deal with labor gaps, supply chain woes and more. Whether for bolstering workforce development or adding production capacity, complete pre-engineered workcells for a variety of applications can be leased or obtained via a rent-to-own approach.
#3 – 9 Key Factors for Cobot Welding Safety
Today’s feature-rich and easy-to-use collaborative robots are bringing highly relevant applications to life for a wide range of applications. So much so, that cobots with industrial pedigrees are expected to be the fastest-growing segment for collaborative robots over the next two years1. Keep in mind, the use of collaborative robots in any setting still dictates strict compliance to safety standards. This is especially true for cobot welding, and robot users must implement several concepts for safe, productive operation.
#2 – ROS and What it Means for Your Yaskawa Robotic Application Development
As the first major robot company to join ROS-Industrial efforts, Yaskawa is excited to see how the Robot Operating System (ROS) continues to enhance robot capability and performance for a wide range of robot users. Introduced over a decade ago, ROS continues to provide a state-of-the-art mix of algorithms, drivers, functions and more. Learn about this innovative, open source repository, along with ROS 2 updates, that may benefit your business.
#1 – Pros and Cons of Robotic Seam Finding and Seam Tracking
Have you ever wondered if adaptive welding sensors can optimize your part quality and consistency? If so, our top-rated blog of 2022 is for you! Discover answers to questions such as, “What is the main difference between seam finding and seam tracking?” and “How do you know when to use seam finding vs. seam tracking?” Similarly, learn more about touch sensing, wire sensing, laser point sensing, through-the-arc seam tracking, laser seam tracking and dual laser seam tracking.

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1 Global collaborative Robot Market, Statzon, 2021

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