Case Studies / Arc Welding / Boom-Lift Frames for Off-Road Vehicles

Motoman Robots Arc WeldingCycle time 1.5 hours per part. Motoman's robotic solution provides a nearly 80% time savings, plus labor savings over manual welding that requires one welder six to seven hours.

Project Challenges

  • Need to increase productivity to meet higher volume requirements, but difficult to find skilled welders.
  • Heavy-Deposition GMAW welding on eight frame models that are 3,048 mm - 3,658 mm (120"-144") long and 1,067 mm -1,829 mm (42"'-72") wide, and weigh 1,587-1,996 kg (3,500-4,400 lbs) each.
  • Manual welding takes one skilled welder six to seven hours per part.
  • Manual assembly and pre-tracking requires two hours and part fit-up is not always good.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a flexible welding solution, including:

  • Dual SK16 robots with single MRC-UL controller
  • Headstock/tailstock (HS/TS) part positioner with 1,361-kg (3,000-lb) capacity each; 2,721-kg (6,000-lb) capacity total. Adjustable spanners between HS and TS accommodate different models
  • 15.2-m (50-ft) servo track with separate carriages for HS/TS
  • Operator station
  • Two 600-amp water-cooled torches
  • ComArc III seam tracking with 200-V high-speed Touch Sense Package
  • Two Customer supplied power sources with interface
  • Nozzle reamer with anti-spatter sprayer
  • Integrated work cell protection package, including wire safety fence, light curtains at load/unload zones, and four safety-interlocked gates

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided the holding fixtures on the HS/TS faceplates used to locate the frames on the positioner. Length of spanners between faceplates is adjustable to accommodate various frame sizes.

Ref: ACS-022

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