Case Studies / Arc Welding / Forklift Truck Frames and HE Trailer Subweldments

Motoman Robot Arc WeldingSystem met or exceeded all project challenges and goals. MotoSweep system reduces welding time for trailer subweldments from 4-6 hours by two manual welders to less than 2 hours by one operator. MotoSweep system reduces welding time for forklift frames from 8-10 hours (from tacking to final welding using two manual welders) to less than 4 hours with one operator.

Project Challenges

  • Dramatically increase productivity to meet production demands.
  • Improve weld quality and part throughput by 50%-66%.
  • Provide a welding solution that will accommodate various weld positions as required by the part.
  • Reduce need for manual labor and improve welder/operator safety.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom MotoSweep™ solution, including:

  • EA1900N robot with NX100 controller.
  • MotoSweep robot transport beam.
  • Motoman 2-axis drop-center positioner, including:
    • Drop-center beam with center turntable axis
    • AC servo-driven with 2,000-kg (4,410-lb) capacity
    • 152 mm (6") off-center CG at rated load
    • 3-meter (9.8') maximum turning diameter
    • Tilt axis and tooling axis speeds of 2.8 rpm
    • Dual external axis package
  • Motoman MHT-3000 single axis headstock/tailstock positioner, including:
    • 3,000 kg (6,615-lb) rated load
    • Headstock speed of 6.7 rpm, 180-degree index in 4.95 seconds
    • MotoMount™ HD (heavy-duty) compliant tool mounting system
    • Repeatability of 0.000055 mm with MotoMount HD
  • Miller weld package which includes 450-Amp constant voltage power source; interface to robot controller; four-roll wire feeder and feed rolls; gas flow sensor; interconnecting cables; water-cooled Motoman ToughGun® welding torch; water circulator; and weld dress-out package.
  • Automatic torch cleaner and wire cutter. Reamer-type nozzle cleaner and anti-spatter spray, and pneumatic wire cutter –mounted on MotoSweep beam.
  • ComArc seam-tracking and 170 V high-speed touch-sensing package.
  • Common equipment base for NX100 robot controller, water circulator and welding power supply.
  • (2) Operator stations with NEMA enclosures, mounted on stand-alone pedestals. Functions include: job start, emergency stop, hold, alarm reset, and servo power-up. Palm buttons used for cycle-start activation. Ready signal and alarm indication lights. Positioner auto/manual switch. Two-digit thumbwheel selector allows operator to choose from up to 100 programmed jobs (00-99). Joy stick enables manual jog of positioner.
  • Cell guarding package, including: wire safety fencing with two access gates; 8' arc flash protection curtains; two interlocked folding gates at positioner load/unload stations; and ceiling-mounted robot failsafe clips.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

The end-customer was responsible for all fixtures and tooling.

Ref: ACS-066

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