Case Studies / Arc Welding / Heavy Equipment Towers and Tubs

Motoman robot arc weldingMotoman Robotics provided a fully integrated welding solution to this integrator. Integrator was responsible for tooling and cycle time. Computer simulation models indicate that cycle time will be approximately 25 minutes per part.

Project Challenges

  • Reach is critical.
  • System will weld on three parts: left- and right-hand towers and tubs.

Motoman Robotics Solution

  • Motoman Robotics provided a highly flexible solution with extended reach, including:
  • Two UP20-6 robots with XRC controller.
  • Two Motoman servo gallows with 3.05-m (10-ft) high columns. Robots are invert-mounted.
  • Two heavy-duty headstock/tailstock positioners with 3.5 m (11.5 ft) between faceplates and weight capacity of 2,495 kg (5,500 lbs) per side (11,000 lbs total).
  • Two 450-amp power sources.
  • Two water-cooled torch packages, including brakes on wire feeders and chillers.
  • Two Motoman 200-volt ComArc III packages for touchsensing and seam tracking.
  • Two Motoman automatic wire cutters (invert-mounted from servo gallows).
  • Two start-up kits with 0.045" wire. (Bulk wire feeders to be integrated on site.)
  • Allen-Bradley SLC/505 PLC (for fixturing) with PanelView 500 interface.
  • Integrated workcell protection, including 3.05-m (10-ft. high) wire fencing, two programmable laser scanners, and two three-color light beacons.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

This solution was sold through an integrator, who provided fixtures and tooling for this project.

Ref: ACS-034

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