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Motoman Robots Arc WeldingRobotic process welds two parts at a time, doubling productivity. Cycle time achieved based on part size: 28-74 seconds (12-42% faster than guaranteed cycle time estimate). Met or exceeded cycle time estimate based on 100% efficiency.

Project Challenges

  • Double production capacity over the existing dedicated welding process.
  • Provide highly flexible system and custom tooling to weld 13 of the more than 30 part sizes and configurations ranging from 140 mm - 345 mm (5.5"-13.6") diameter with bow lengths ranging from 457 mm - 546 mm (18"-21.5").
  • Provide high-strength welds that can survive crush test without breaking.
  • Guarantee quoted cycle of time 48-84 seconds, depending on part size and model, based on 85% efficiency.

Motoman Robotics Solution

  • Motoman supplied the following:
  • Two Motoman SK16 robots with two MRC controllers
  • Two 457 mm (18") robot risers
  • Motoman MR-660 180° rotary indexing positioner with 362.8-kg (800-lb) capacity per side
  • Two Motoman 450-amp water-cooled weld packages. Package for each robot includes:
    • Two MotoArc 450 power sources
    • Two ToughGun™ torches
    • 45° necks
    • Two pancake wire feeders
    • Two universal welding interfaces
    • Two start-up kits - (.045") wire
    • Two nozzle cleaners with anti-spatter sprayers
  • Headstock/Tailstock (HS/TS) positioner with 226.7-kg (500-lb) capacity and manual jog feature. Tailstock can be mounted in one of three positions to accommodate fixtures 1,321 mm (52"), 1,626 mm (64"), or 1,930 mm (76") long
  • Common mounting base for robot and indexing positioner
  • Common mounting base for MRCs, power sources, and water coolers
  • Integrated work cell protection package, including: wire safety fence, dual interlocked

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Custom pneumatic fixturing for 13 part models was provided through Motoman's Tooling Partner Program. These flexible fixtures can be configured to accommodate more than 30 different parts. Motoman Robotics provided 32 large tooling templates for the top and bottom fixtures, and 72 smaller tooling plates for the backs, for a total of 104 templates. Motoman Robotics provided a Master Fixture Set-up Chart that operators reference regarding selection of the proper top, bottom and two back tooling templates, as well as clamp blocks, screw length, spacers, and other fixture details. Manual change over between the various part models requires 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the complexity of the changeover.

Ref: ACS-017

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