Case Studies / Arc Welding / Steel and Aluminum Storage Boxes

Motoman Robot Arc WeldingSolution meets project goals and objectives for productivity increase and quality improvement. Robotic system provides consistent welds and quality parts. System is capable of welding 81 pre-tacked parts per shift – approximately 25% more than required 65 parts per shift. Pre-tacking fixture and procedures developed to minimize box distortion during welding.

Project Challenges

  • Provide a multi-process system able to weld several models of pre-tacked parts (heavy-walled steel and aluminum boxes). Part dimensions range from 508-1,524 mm L x 330.2-685.8 mm W x 457.2-812.8 mm H (20-60" L x 13-27" W x 18-32" H).
  • Increase productivity through welding automation while improving weld quality and appearance.
  • Allow welding operators to be redeployed to other operations within the plant, resulting in overall labor savings.
  • Achieve estimated cycle time of approximately 65 box assemblies per 7.5-hour shift. 

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a modified FabWorld solution, including:

  • Motoman HP50-20 extended reach robot with NX100 controller.
  • Fronius TPS-4000 weld package (for steel and aluminum welding), including:
    • Multi-process, fully synergic microprocessor-controlled inverter pulse power source controller.
    • Push-pull water-cooled torch package.
  • Motoman TS-2 200V high-speed touch-sensing function.
  • Torch reamer/sprayer nozzle cleaning station with pneumatic wire cutter, mounted on accessory stand.
  • ToolSight® comprehensive tool control point/torch alignment package.
  • MHT-450 headstock/tailstock positioner with 450-kg (992-lb) rated load; 4-second 180-degree rotation; 9.8 rpm headstock speed. Includes MotoMount™ compliant tool mounting system.
  • MHT-1500 headstock/tailstock positioner with 3,000-kg (6,615-lb) rated load; 180-degree sweep in 3.32-seconds; 106 rpm headstock speed. Includes MotoMount™ compliant tool mounting system.
  • (2) Operator stations (one master, one slave), mounted in NEMA enclosure on stand-alone pedestal; palm buttons for cycle-start activation; ready signal light and alarm indication light; positioner auto/manual switch and manual jog joystick; lock-out key switch; and two-digit thumbwheel selector. Functions include: Job start, Emergency Stop, Hold, Alarm Reset, and Servo Power-up.
  • Robotic fixture package.
  • Tacking fixture package.
  • Common equipment base.
  • Customer was responsible for cell guarding.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided two robotic weld fixturing packages for the MHT-450 and MHT-1500 positioners with adjustable locating details and four pneumatically actuated swing-arm clamps designed to accommodate a range of box sizes. Fixtures have hardened details and are mounted on a spanner frame between the headstock/tailstock faceplates. Manual changeover is required between box sizes. Motoman also provided a tacking fixture package. The tacking fixture is manually adjustable to accommodate different box sizes. A main table base is approximately 24" from the floor. Two manual top clamps and four pneumatic clamps are used to locate parts. Manual changeover is required between box types.

Ref: ACS-070

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